Tonight With Trav Horror “THE MENU” – A Mysterious Night … with Fearful Delight …What Else Could Go Wrong …Tonight?

“THE MENU” – A Mysterious Night … with Fearful Delight …What Else Could Go Wrong …Tonight?

“THE MENU” – A Mysterious Night … with Fearful Delight …What Else Could Go Wrong …Tonight? post thumbnail image

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img 87Film Synopsis: A young couple, Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) & Tyler (Nicholas Hault) travel to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the Head Sous Chef Slowik (Ralph Finnes) has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises!

Trav’s Critique Of “THE MENU” ➡️ The movie was INSANE to your membrane! What was on their menu is something that I don’t think anyone would want or expect at all. It is rather difficult to explain or – rather write my review on the film without giving details away, but all I will say is one word. Recycle. Just remember the word, recycle.


I loved the format and layout of the film and how each particular course was very precisely constructed and detailed for the guests at Hawthorne Restaurant. Pristine meals; delectable desserts. That is what Chef Slowik was known for and that is what he instilled in his team of Chefs. There was of course a very cryptic twist with Tyler and Margot. They both had their own individual secrets.


Tyler’s secret had to do with why he chose to bring her to Hawthorne whereas Margot’s secret tied her to the restaurant in a different kind of a way. You’d think that the movie is boring when it first comes on; but then as the film progresses onward – the Menu gets more fascinating & to circle back around to what I was saying about what NOT giving away too much detail about the film, but the plot didn’t entirely make too much sense to me in the manner that Chef had repeat guests at his establishment, but at the same time, anyone who visited his restaurant would _______ at the end of the last course including his staff and it seemed like himself.


That is what is messing me the hell up! LOL! What I really loved is the line that Chef used when he said to all of his patrons in his restaurant, “Do not eat, but taste – savor the food that you are eating!” THAT is a 100% true line and that is about the ONLY thing that I agree with in the entire film. When eating anything whether it is a food or a dessert, I feel that that you should “savor the flavor” and enjoy what the Cook has taken the time to prepare for you to eat and enjoy.


Cooking, to me, is not only a hobby for some who enjoy to do it, but it is also a career. Personally speaking, I was looking forward to the movie because I saw the dark humor/comedy in it and I was right only it was to a minimal level. I was really in shock and awe at some of the things that I witnessed in the film because I was expecting something like what I saw in the old television show, Fear Factor, to be brutally honest with you all.


I was expecting for disgusting things to be in the food and insects crawling in and out of all the food and vile, gross things to happen from the trailer, but I was wrong. It was NOT predictable – AT ALL! It was or rather IS hard to crack this case …so I wish you good luck and happy tasting, folks because you are going to need it. The movie provides you with very high enjoyment pleasures and it most definitely gives you thrills and chills that you will always remember and not see coming!                       

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The Menu Here…OMG! It’s Literally Worth Killing For!!! Proper Posture for Chef, Please & Thanks! #TonightWithTrav

This is a night to die for! Truly!!


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