Tonight With Trav Horror “NOPE” – Yep! A Stunning Phenomenon…

“NOPE” – Yep! A Stunning Phenomenon…

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Poster Funia11 01 27 23 07 2022Film Synopsis: After random objects falling from the sky result in the death of their father (Keith David), ranch-owning siblings, OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald (Keke Palmer) Haywood attempt to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object with the help of tech salesman, Angel Torres (Brandon Parea) and documentarian, Antlers Host (Michael Wincott).

Trav’s Critique on “NOPE” ➡️ Once again, Mr. Jordan Peele has totally created another masterpiece that has just got my mind racing, America talking, and from what I read online – poor Keke Palmer had anxiety filming the film! Hell, I can’t even blame the poor girl! I got anxiety from it myself.


A spaceship flying saucer that wanted to eat you! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! And, just once more, HELL TO THE NOPE! Actor Daniel Kalyuua portrayed the illusion of the title of the film, Nope really well when he saw with own two eyes the “Oprah Shot” as Emerald called it which we all know to it as “The Money Shot.” He was ALWAYS catching those shots on his own – with his own unique camera; his eyes and with no one else around.


I cannot expound on Peele’s very deep & underlying symbolic message of the film – but, believe you me, IT’S there! YUP, its in NOPE! Just like it was in “Get Out” and “Us”, it’s in here as well. Peele’s films are very diverse, unique, and utterly original, but do have one thing in common – they ALL stem from historical moments in history and time and Jordan Peele ALWAYS relates that to the present day just as I do in my reviews, and what I mean by that is that I always try to pull some message from every film that I watch because I truly do believe that there is a message to be attained from EACH and EVERY film that is put out for viewers whether its in a theater or not; no matter the genre.


I really appreciate a close friend of mine telling me that about my reviews that I do that. That compliment really touched me as I know Jordan Peele aims to touch us deeply with his films. Sure, they may be a little unorthodox, and you may have to surf the Net for a clearer interpretation of the movie, but the message he portrays is always derived from something factual and very crucial to our survival.


Kaluuya & Palmer really collaborated well in the film. In the beginning of the film, it seemed to me that their respective roles that they were playing did not have a strong bond as siblings, but I forgot all about my thoughts on that once the film progressed forwards. Speaking on Palmer’s role of Emerald Haywood- she was the typical sister, I have to say – she was somewhat supportive in the beginning….kind of reluctant….not wanting to work, but then when it came to protecting her brother – oh, she was HELL YEAH 100%.


Speaking on Kaluuya’s role of OJ Haywood – he seemed like the more nonchalance and laid-back person; their father valued him more because he had compassion and a clear understanding of what a good work ethic was whereas anytime the word, “work” was mentioned anywhere around Emerald, she laughed and bolted away!

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NOPE? Yup! #TonightWithTrav

All in all, the film was utterly original as the other 2 previous films – but do NOT be fooled by that. Peele is a genius! I don’t feel like the film is really about aliens; not from what I saw at least! But you Peele…what you actually think you see – you really don’t! But UFO’s….what do you think – exist, really or not?


18 thoughts on ““NOPE” – Yep! A Stunning Phenomenon…”

  1. I saw them promoting it on the red carpet and was like, “Do I want to go see this?” And was like “Nope!” 🤣 don’t want to be that thrilled where I’m scared of what happens next lol Thanks for your review! I know Peele always will run you for a loop with his out of the box thinking

    1. Yup – this is the RIGHT title for the film. NOPE, because just as soon as you see something out of the ordinary you would say the title of the film hence why Jordan Peele named it the way that he did. If you are worried about being scared – don’t be because it is not a horror film; at least in my estimation, honestly.

  2. I’m so curious! I might get my youngest to go with me! I loved Us! Unique to say the least!!! Thx Travis!

    1. Well of course Y’ALL did because it was US – Get out! NOPE, it was y’all! Did you see what I just did there? I think that it what Jordan does what his movie titles – he ties to keep them all inter connected!

  3. This is the first positive review I’ve read and as always encourages me to see it!! I did wait for years before I saw Get Out! As always with your reviews I like how you incorporate life into it..…what is NOPE really about!

    1. NOPE is really about something unexplainable. If you know about Jordan Peele’s work and how he operates – then I need say no more so yup, welcome to NOPE! HELL NOPE!

  4. Another brilliant review brother! As always it’s that underlining message that we find in each and every movie and with Mr Jordan Peele like you said it best he is very uniquely one of a kind and that Creative Vision just blossoms perfectly. Another perfect gem he has created only making our anticipation of what he’s going to do next even more intriguing.

    1. Thank you Broski! I just love it when you call me brilliant!!! Our minds are always on the same wavelength when it comes to movies! Even Mr. Cryptic Jordan Peele’s films. Wonder what his next worldwide phenomenon will be called? If I had to make an assumption on a title from what he’s had so far, I’d go with: “Together.” What do you think?

  5. 11/10 movie. just saw it with some friends and there were some very serious parts so you will need to prepare yourself. but Jordan respects the creative space he is working in and takes you along for the ride. a film about living at the edge of technology, of spectacle. too much spectacle? when will you tap out? are you along for the ride?

    1. Wow! You replied! When you left out of the store, I was expecting either 1 of 2 things – one, a reply within a few moments because I thought u were going to read my review when you left or two, I wasn’t going to hear from you at all. Then, I get an alert you posted a comment on my website! Thank YOU so much! Did you agrre with my review? I’m going to e-mail you with NOPE in the Subject line. Look out for it!

  6. Your review helped me look at the movie differently. From the previews I was like nah do I really want to watch this. Hearing it was just as good as his other films I’m looking forward to go seeing it.

    1. His films always are intriguing – not good. His places a deep & psychological hisgorical meaning to his films. He forces you to open your mind to both old and new perceptions of life. Yup, NOPE does that.

    1. NOW!! NOW, I can say that YOU left a review – but my question to you is this (while you are laughing & I bet you are) – did you actually read my review OR just post this comment to get me off your back? #TruthTime

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