Tonight With Trav Comedy “EASTER SUNDAY” – The Valencia Family Is Unconventional – But What Family Isn’t Bruised?

“EASTER SUNDAY” – The Valencia Family Is Unconventional – But What Family Isn’t Bruised?

“EASTER SUNDAY” – The Valencia Family Is Unconventional – But What Family Isn’t Bruised? post thumbnail image

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FEasterilm Synopsis: Set around a family gathering to celebrate Easter Sunday, the comedy is based on Jo Koy’s life experiences and stand-up comedy.

Trav’s Critique on “EASTER SUNDAY” ➡️ If this movie is solely based on the comedian’s life experiences – and stand-up comedy then his life MUST be a complete joke! LMAO! That was a joke people! Get it! Haha! But, in the movie, does he really portray himself or is he playing another version of himself? Or…yes – there is a third and final option – is he playing a total NEW character that he’s invented only because its the Easter weekend?


That was the only question that I had a difficult time answering about his character in Easter Sunday. I wish this movie would have come out during the Easter holidays! It would have been so cute and adorable!!! Gosh! Oh, well! Back to what I was saying in the beginning of my review about the movie being based off of his own life experiences and his stand-up comedy. Jo Koy is off Filipino decent, and, in the film, it is the Easter Sunday weekend/holiday and he along with his son are driving to his mother’s house for dinner. His family dynamic is NO different than any other family – that is my point!


The way his family was behaving in the movie is how dozens of millions of American families act at family reunions, holiday parties, etc. Sure, some families have squabbles; some don’t; some get along (the few that do); some that get way out of control; etc.


Every family is different and unique in their own way and show love in their own way as well while others show “tough love” whereas some families break apart as the years go by without speaking to one another and when there is no love and no communication – there is NO glue to bond any type of relationship together to try and salvage.


A holiday should NOT have to come up in order for any family to call a temporary truce or a 24-hour truce. There should be NO such thing. This movie is a sweet comedy, but the message is VERY abundantly clear: its about family togetherness; being there for your family; love; not holding onto years and years of hatred and grudges; not hurting your blood relatives out of spite. How much of this still goes on in the world today? I believe that you are blood – you have heard the saying that “blood is thicker than water” haven’t you? You only get one set of parents.


You only get one family. Nurture them. Cherish them. Don’t spend days…. and then days turn into weeks…. and then those weeks…. turn into years not speaking to each other over some of the most childish & trivial subject matters that can be rectified simply by doing what has salvaged so many relationships whether they be platonic – or intimate.


Do you know what that is? It’s communication. I know that you have heard this as well: “Communication is the key to any good relationship.” Do YOU believe that?” Do you live by this quote? Are you a good communicator? There are a lot of different ingredients that one can put in a big, huge pot to give them their own unique American flavor. What ingredients are YOU…yes, YOU made of? So, its like I said – yes, families gather around for holidays and celebrations. Why wait for that to make peace? Do it NOW! ASAP! 

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Wow! Just WOW is all that I can say! #TonightWithTrav

Unity is a beautiful thing – and Easter Sunday is the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that is all that our Savior wants – for us to spread cheer, light, laughter, and most importantly, love. So, will YOU do that?

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  1. Once again, I must live in a hole!.. I’ve never heard of this one … Nice review though!! Thanks for what you do .. Even those times you’ve had to bring some movies into the light for me😂

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