Tonight With Trav Crime “WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING” – Kya’s Promise to Clear Her Name as The Marsh Girl

“WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING” – Kya’s Promise to Clear Her Name as The Marsh Girl

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Poster Funia15 50 18 23 07 2022Film Synopsis: Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones), a young woman who raised herself in the marshes of the deep South becomes a suspect in the murder of a man, Chase Andrews (Harris Dickinson) she was once involved with.

Trav’s Critique on “WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING”: ➡️ I have NOT read the book, Where the Crawdads Sing, but living in Louisiana where this movie was filmed – I will say this…what you will see was NOT BASED on true events, but ALL the events that Kya endured, and I do very much mean ALL of them – you might as well say that this film was based on true events. Crawdads are mighty popular where this film was shot on location in Louisiana – very popular!


At one point in the film, I, myself got very sentimental because I started to feel drawn to that one pivotal characteristic that Kya had grown very much accustomed to from a very young age and she had no other option, but to adapt to it and that scary element of life that she had to adapt to was – loss.


I said I identified with it because loss is something a diverse amount of people struggle with on a continual basis. Loss. Kya kept losing everything: family members, books, memories, then Tate. After that, she closed herself off to any and everything – the severity of loss was way too severe for her to possibly bare. Right then and there, I felt her dilemma. I felt her pain. I knew exactly what she was feeling on that beach in that scene.


That is what this entire film is about in a nutshell. You pick up on it very rapidly & it’s so evidently clear. Deep in the Marshes where the crawdads sing as Kya is known as “The Marsh Girl,” people assume she is shy, slow, a retard, weird, etc. Basically, people treat her as if she’s an introvert. In reality, she is, and it shows, but she slowly breaks out of her shell thanks to finding love with Tate.


From a very young age, Kya had to watch each, and every single member of her own family leave her home one by one…one after another…after another…due to her father’s negligence, verbal, mental, and physical abuse of his wife and other children. Kya decided to stay and learn from all of their mistakes to try and support her father and be there for him because she had a good, nurturing, and pure heart of gold and it definitely shined through.


Anyone could see it if they did not pre-judge her based on things they had “heard around town” via gossip. I detest people who treat others with such a low disregard and do not even know them – judge them solely based on what they have heard and never actually got to know the actual person themselves. That is how Kya got on trial in the first place – by simple people bad mouthing her and making FALSE accusations. So many INNOCENT people are incarcerated now in the present day due to that very thing and its sickening to me! Being voted guilty solely because you act a certain way or different from others.


This movie brings out everything and so much more than what I am writing about. I feel that this movie is the equivalent of last year’s movie, “Dear Evan Hansen.” I say that simply because both that film and this one was both so sad and depressing; but @ the same time – both main characters had a unique essence about them that captured the screen!

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Look deep into your heart….#TonightWithTrav

Both characters from both films, they captured our hearts in the messages that they conveyed to us all! Never close your heart to love, to anything. Loss is a part of life. We all must experience it, but like Kya – she prevailed because she had the strong knowledge and willpower….YOU do too!

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  1. Truly looking foward to seeing this one I have been hearing a lot! I feel it might be a little close to home, but what doesn’t kill us made us stronger!

  2. I Want To See This But It Just Left My Theater Yesterday, Guess I’ll Have To Wait For Streaming.

    1. Really? That wasn’t really very long @ your local theater was it? Is your theater an AMC? This movie literally came out on the 15th – and just a week later its already gone? Maybe you should go into the deep Marshes of the South where the Crawdads sing!

    2. Oh, I can answer that for you! It’s a cartoon film. ANYTHING dealing with kids or cartoons will ALWAYS win out over anything! First place at the box office will always be a cartoon film/MARVEL/DC film or a HORROR film. Just observe over the next few weeks and you’ll see I’m right! 😏

    3. Did you REALLY? I mean drive 45 minutes – just to see the film SOELY based on what I, personally wrote about it – or did you already have an interest in seeing it? I am glad you enjoyed it – its hard to use the word, “enjoy” knowing what you had to see Kya endure. Just a suggestion: you should read the book. I am. Because I’m intrigued now. I don’t do this for all films based off novels you know. You cam DM on Twitter about why you were so shocked at the ending because I keep my site “spoiler free.” 👍

  3. Travis, thank you for this review. I’ve been patiently waiting for this movie to come out. Your review is making me even more excited to get to the theatre. Tks so much for these spectacular reviews. You’re reviews are the only thing that’s pushing me to get back to our weekly movie outings. Can’t wait to try one of those dinner or swanky bar /lounger theatres too.

    1. I cannot tell you how much this comment plus the other one you tweeted to me a few days ago meant to me. Words are powerful and come in handy when someone beeds a vote of confidence in a time of need and that one you tweeted to me about my reviews PLUS this one just placed a great amount of adoration on my heart! Words cannot express how much this comment and the faith and respect you have in my reviews TRULY mean to me. I AM NEVER trying to sway you to return to the theaters in my words….know that – I am always speaking from the heart; my heart. But, when you are safe, comfortable, and ready – I hope you resume with a level of love, light, and passion – something that your words and comments give to me about my words. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I really wanna see this! I have free friends that read the book and loved it,! I’ve told you before Daisy is going to be the new it girl! She’s amazing! Thx Trav!!

    1. You have free friends? Is that 3, a few, or what? Help me out. LOL. I’ve never read the book. Most movies that are based off of books actually detour from the actual details in the book/s so I think I’m at an advantage watching films that aee based from novels for the simple fact that they do not keep the storyline 100% in line with the novels such as Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and 50 Shades of Grey to name a few. You’ve never told me that you think that actress is going to be the new “hot” Hollywood thing – did you? I’ll have to re-look over my tweets because there are a lot!

  5. Love the review man. I’m actually really glad to hear this because I’ve been debating on seeing this movie or not if it was going to be worth it. And, I hear a lot of good things about it. Personally, I’m not one to enjoy it real sad movies just because of a lot of stuff that happened in my life it’s hard to watch sad/depressing movies, but from what I understand this movie has a lot to give and to enjoy.

    1. What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger. Personally, I think you should watch this film honestly because of what you commented about it and it matches with what I wrote about the film. We have to have a past to create our future. That’s why there is good and evil. This film is a great reprensentation of what you said you’ve experienced in your life – and I said it in my review. Open your heart & be brave and strong brother. You’re not alone like you tell me all the time. YOU GOT THIS AND ME! I love you bro!

  6. Great review. Although we understand loss is a part of life being able to push through and get through that part of life takes courage. Definitely can relate to some parts of the movie.

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