Tonight With Trav Crime “THE LITTLE THINGS” – Mean So Much…but are Hidden in a Foolish Way

“THE LITTLE THINGS” – Mean So Much…but are Hidden in a Foolish Way

“THE LITTLE THINGS” – Mean So Much…but are Hidden in a Foolish Way post thumbnail image

Screenshot 20210706 235316 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: The Little Things. Clashes between a Kern County deputy (played by Denzel Washington) and a Los Angeles detective (played by Rami Malek) occur during the investigation of a serial killer (played by Jared Leto) ! Will the killer be brought to justice – or is this just a manhunt for a serial killer? What is it really?


When I first saw the preview for the movie, The Little Things, I was actually a bit – stunned! Why you ask? Simple. Why does this movie have Denzel Washington in it and it does not look that….”catchy?” I mean come on it’s DENZEL WASHINGTON! Enough said, right?  He too, can make bad flops and this was one of the,. I will not say that I fell asleep while watching this one, but it was not one of his best works.

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I mean the other two actors in the film are Academy Award Winners, but Denzel stands out. The other factor that surprised me was how long the film was. The trailer looked weak, and very utterly original to me to be brutally honest with you all & frankly I had NO idea that it would be over 2 hours long until I purchased my movie ticket! It’s just the little things that get you. Those little things…
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It was not boring, but at the same time it was not entertaining at all either. There was NO on screen killing; there was NO mystery involved whatsoever. I am sorry to have to say this, but I have to compare this movie to “Us” or that even of “Tenet.” That was the best lien of the film – the little things! The little things! 
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Both of those films have one main thing in common with this film – confusion, but NOT severe confusion to the point where you have to hop online and try to figure out what you just saw afterwards! The film, in my candid opinion, takes you on a ride; not a wild roller-coaster of a ride, but it never really lets you off to truly discover all that you need to know per se. The little things is a great catch phrase!
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I will give credit where it is due, Jared Leto played his role of a loony bin really good. His name should have been The Joker in this movie because he sure played some pranks on Deke and Baxter in the film! He makes you laugh, but at the same time wanna smack him across the face as well! There is one twist with his character that you will not believe!
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Washington delivers in the film…….but it’s NOT his best work; it’s just plain & utterly original like the movie itself. The film just does not deliver the punches that I was expecting & I have been reading about the same online from what I am writing right now so I am matching up with professional movie critics. 
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You really have to use psychology to fully grasp and understand the significance of the ending of the film and the symbolism of what happened and the flashbacks that were shown and why they were shown. Just a heads up. It will not just be easy. You have to use your mind!
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Rami Malek played his part really well and I am glad that he played the role of a cop looking for answers for the victims’ families and seeking justice. But, you never know – does he go rogue in the film? 
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Does he work with Deacon and start killing people? Do you see all the questions I am placing the back of your mind that you are starting to wonder about? That is what the Director of the film does. That is what the movie does. It’s the little things that catch you….that matter….can you catch on to the mystery? Can you solve it? Give it a try and see…..
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“It’s not a bore – but it’s also not very complete, either…”#TonightWithTrav

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  1. I totally agree with you!!! Very good, sucked that the trailer didn't get you do annoyed up to see this movie; Leto was insanely creepy and ballsy! Definitely worth watching, we really enjoyed it!! Thanks Travis for doing what ya do!❤️

  2. I enjoy doing what I do. Thank you for enjoying reading and posting comments and getting people to notice my blog. I enjoy your love and passion for my blog and my writing, Amy! Xoxo

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