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“THE MARKSMAN” – Better Beware

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Screenshot 20210706 235251 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: The Marksman. Arizona rancher, Jim Hanson (played by Liam Neeson) is trying to make a living on an isolated stretch of borderland. All he wants is to simply be left alone as he fends off eviction notices. But everything changes when he witnesses and 11-year old (played by Jacob Perez) fleeing with his mother, Rosa (played by Teresa Ruiz) from drug cartel assassins led by the ruthless Mauricio (played by Juan Pablo Raba). What will happen to the kid and Jim- The Marksman…



Starting 2021 off with a Liam Neeson film like The Marksman is such an AWESOME way to bring in a new year! I am SO so so very much glad that I did NOT have to wait months, and months to see this movie! I was hoping and praying that it did not get pushed back like so many other films due to the horrendous pandemic that occurred last year and that is still on-going!

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Neeson NEVER disappoints in any film that he does – well let me clarify that……any ACTION film that he does like this, The Marksman! Lol! This film was “off the chain” and “off the charts!” I could see how it was Number One at the Box Office opening weekend, and how it blew out WW84. Even when he did “Honest Thief” last year, that movie was Number One as well. The Marksman!
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Liam Neeson is just one “killer” actor. Plain and simple. While watching the movie, The Marksman – I had the opportunity to reflect on how this type of cruel behavior really happens not only in Mexico, on the borders, Columbia, but anywhere. The Cartels can be anywhere and anyone for that matter. The Marksman! 
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It is ironic how they say in the movie, and this can be possibly true in real life: the actor who portrayed the role of the Cartel Boss, Maurico said to Jim this phrase – “I didn’t have a choice!” – When he said that, my IMMEDIATE thought was – yes, yes you do. At the end of the movie, Jim hands Maurico a gun and says to him, “now you have a choice.” What path ‘aka’ choice do YOU think Maurico chose THIS time around with this second opportunity?
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I HATE when I hear people in the world today say that they do not have a choice! Everyone, and I do mean everyone has something called free agency, and what that means is that you have a choice and it is YOUR decision to do what is right or what is wrong, and there are consequences to what we choose to do and the paths that we CHOOSE to follow and to take. 
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Maurico CHOSE to take the dangerous and criminal path. He chose to be trained and brought up into that life – even if he was forced into doing it; he could have refused – even if they would have shot and killed him or they threatened to kill people he loved – it is like I said; there are consequences to the decisions we make and sometimes we have to make hard choices for the greater good if they will benefit us in the long haul.
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Jim was a man of Honor and integrity and he was trying to instill those same exact morals into Miguel just as Miguel’s mother was trying to show him by forcing him to learn English, to study hard, focus on his studies, do homework, etc. People show love in all sorts of ways and children might see it as a punishment or being hard on them but sooner rather than later they will get it – they will see it was all for their own good. 
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This movie teaches a lot about the perseverance that Jim Hanson had – he would not give up – once he committed to something – he would see it through until the end. That is a man with integrity. The film is more than killing and good versus evil. It is about putting one foot in front of the other and pressing forward and leading by example and being a positive influence and a role model to others and overcoming obstacles and challenges no matter what!
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“Neeson does not dissapoint!” #TonightWithTrav

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