Tonight With Trav Crime “HONEST THIEF” Causes A Ton Of Grief – But What I Saw Bought Me Such Great, Great, Great Relief!

“HONEST THIEF” Causes A Ton Of Grief – But What I Saw Bought Me Such Great, Great, Great Relief!

“HONEST THIEF” Causes A Ton Of Grief – But What I Saw Bought Me Such Great, Great, Great Relief! post thumbnail image
Honest Thief

Travis’ Grade Of: [A+] Honest Thief

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? OH HELL TO THE YES! LIAM NEESON NEVER DISAPPOINTS IN MY BOOK!


My Critique On “Honest Thief” is this – I was so ready to see this movie the moment…..


Film Synopsis: Waiting to lead an honest life when he fell in love with Annie (played by Kate Walsh), a notorious bank robber (played by Liam Neesom) turns himself in, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents (played by Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos).


Classification of Film: Action, Drama, & Crime

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……that I had heard about it for TWO reasons. One being the absolute MAIN reason and that one is two words: LIAM and NEESON! This actor is simply sensational and a legend to me! He does really great work! I love watching him in any movie. Every film that he does he always is the protector and I love that about him! I really do! He really was an “honest thief” in the movie wanting to turn himself in all because he found Annie – his love. You have to admit that was romantic on some sweet level….wasn’t it?
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He NEVER disappoints in any movie that he does. If he does a movie and it does suck, it is of no fault of his own because his skills are fierce and flawless in each and every single film that he does! The second reason is that I knew it would have action and suspense! Action; high speed car chases; all of that combined with Liam Neeson makes for a great film and a great and enjoyable evening watching his work! I gotta say it! How did you feel after watching the film? Tell me. I want to know….
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I am so glad that this film did not go straight to video on demand or to DVD like the majority of films are doing because of the pandemic. Some people actually want to go back to the theaters & see action movies (or no matter what the genre is) on the big screen versus being stuck at home 24/7 binge watching in their own home. 
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My own personal opinion. The movie had a lot of action which I anticipated! I loved the fact that Tom’s girlfriend in the film had a little bit of humor and not 100% all serious. 
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The actress who portrayed her usually plays in comedy movies and she had a little comedy mixed in with her character in this film considering this was NOT a comedy movie and it was an action film. 
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I loved the fact that Jai Courtney was in the film as well because I cannot recall the last time that I had even seen him in a movie on the big screen! I love him as an actor! He is incredible and he plays his role as an FBI Agent fiercely! I just cannot help but to think about the Taken movies every time I see Neeson fight or kill someone in a film that he does after watching those series. Can you? Lol! 
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To me, this movie was awesome and better than I could have even imagined and you will NOT be disappointed. It has action, fast car speed chases, bombs, explosions, mischief, all the elements to take you on one hell of a ride that you will never want to get off or away from! 
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One last thing, one of my favorite parts of the film was the opening titles of how the movie came on, it TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY fit and set the tone and mood for the entire film! You MUST SEE IT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID!


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