Tonight With Trav Drama/s “SUPERNOVA” – Shines Brightly and New and Fierce

“SUPERNOVA” – Shines Brightly and New and Fierce

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Screenshot 20210706 235221 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: Supernova. Sam (played by Colin Firth) and Tusker (played by Stanley Tucci) are traveling across England in their old RV to visit friends, family, and places from their past. Since Tusker was diagnosed with dementia 2 years prior, their time together is very special, cherished, and is the most important thing that they have together…..will they make the most of it?


Getting into this movie, Supernova – I can see how “astronomy” can be irrevocably attached to this film. To make a long story – well review, short; in my eyes, Sam who was Tusker’s lover in the film, was his everything – he was the name of the movie that illuminated so brightly – Supernova. Do you know what a “Supernova” actually is? It is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. That is a Supernova.

That IS Sam – a Supernova. Sam was the IDEAL companion for Tusker, another Supernova. He was EVERYTHING that Tusker needed him to be. He was strong when Tusker was weak and lacking, he was attentive when Tusker was losing focus, careful when Tusker was not, watchful when Tusker was lost, considerate when Tusker was angry, loving when Tusker was frustrated, sincere, generous, genuine, faithful, compassionate, and I could go on and on about Sam’s qualities. I love Supernova!
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How fortunate are people to find someone on this earth as their Soulmate, and their equal as these two did? Taking the sexual orientation aspect out of it, these two men not only respected, but also cherished each other until the end. I have to ask – who wouldn’t die to have this kind of equal partnership and total unconditional love? 
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To have a partner to stay with you while you are dying and know that you are dying, and while you are sick & you are trying everything that you can to push them away, and try NOT to be a burden to them, they love you that much that they are willing to fight WITH you, and NOT against you until the end and motivating you to prevail even though you know you are going to die – they are rooting for you to pull through until the end and to remind you to never give up and they will be there, and they WANT to be there every second…..and every minute by……your……side! 
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This kind of love, and commitment just leaves me speechless! Doesn’t it leave you feeling chills all over your body to have someone proclaim their undying love to you like this over and over again? How would that make you feel knowing that someone has that kind of tenacity for you like that? Tusker knew that he was going to die, and he did not want to live a life where he was going to forget what his lover, close friends, and family looked like; not being able to recognize them because of his dementia. He wanted to give up. It was very daunting to him, and he always liked being in the driver’s seat and now as he said, this illness forced him to be a passenger, and he did not like that feeling.
I am NOT personally speaking from experience, but I can only imagine how there are so many ill people in the world who feel the same way as Tusker and want to give up because they do not see a light at the end of the tunnel or so not want to be pitied or want to be cast as a burden on others to take care of them, and see suicide as an easy option rather than fighting even when doctors have told them how much longer they have left. It’s just a reality. 
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It was hard to watch certain scenes in the film because of Sam and his strong love that he had for Tusker and Sam did not want to let Tusker go – he did not want Tusker to die. That was hard for me to watch. 
Im Ready To Be Destroyed by Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in Love With Each Other in Supernova
Who wants to see the person that they love slowly deteriorate and die? No one, but it is a part of life – we all will have to die, BUT it is how we CHOOSE to live the time that we have on this earth is what counts and as Tusker said in the film – he wants to be remembered for the man he WAS and NOT the man that he is becoming because of his medical condition and let’s all raise a glass to that, shall we? So, therefore, I say – let’s toast……To Tusker!
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“This is love. True love.” #TonightWithTrav

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  1. I'm really, REALLY going to attempt to see this in the theatre!! I've been waiting a long time to see Colin in a good movie!!! Bonus that Stanley Tucci is in it as well, so good… They look like a good pairing ❤️ I'll have my tissues for sure! Thank you Travis!!

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