Tonight With Trav Horror THE POPE’S EXORCIST – Attempts to Save A Lost Soul…

THE POPE’S EXORCIST – Attempts to Save A Lost Soul…

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What’s “The Pope’s Exorcist” About?


We will follow Father Gabriele Amorth (Russell Crowe), the Vatican’s leading Exorcist, as he investigates the possession of a child and uncovers a conspiracy that the Vatican has tried to keep hidden for years!

Evils Exist. A Fact That Must Be Accepted.

Even though this was a film based on an actual real life’s Pope and his exorcism- the movie was a flop to me. I hate saying this, but I give raw, unfiltered, REAL, and above all else – 1,000% honest and truth movie reviews. I mean simply because films are based on real true events – if the actors and/or the production gives a poor depiction of those events – then I will not, more than likely be the only individual issuing the movie a negative review. The circumstances that the movie was a flop can depend on a varying amount of selected factors: picture/sound quality; authenticity, special effects, the actors portraying the role, believability, etc. I feel that if someone watches a film – regardless or not if it is based on a true story …if that person can feel the emotions that the actor is feeling “in that moment” in that scene – can ACTUALLY feel it – then that film has TRULY WON ME OR THAT PERSON OVER.

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Religious Films Based Off True Exorcisms Prick At People’s Souls

That is truly “experiencing a movie.” Why? Because you are experiencing what the character is experiencing through that actor portraying that role portraying them. Why do you think so many actors are method actors? That simply means – staying into character until filming is over for that day or the entire time filming because they WANT to give their fans – the audience a captivating performance that leaves them speechless! Something that leaves them wanting more! That is my point exactly. This movie left nothing on me! No imprints! ZERO lasting effects. The only thing that this film left on me was that the demonic evil that got into the little boy was very evil and wanted nothing, but to claim his Soul and that this was a true story and it reminded me of the Conjuring films because ALL of those films are based off of TRUE events. What did every Conjuring film have in it?

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The Pope’s Exorcist

A Pope. A Pope and a what? An exorcism!!  Do you believe that a Pope is the only one who can do this? It is so freighting how exorcisms are performed to save Souls and the extreme measures families must go through in order to save their children or loved ones from demonic presences! The Pope’s Exorcist shows how easily demonic evils can entice, remind, tempt, and do so much more and through anyone even little children. Holding onto your faith may seem very small and trivial when there is not tragedy that befalls you – but when one comes towards you head on …that is when all of a sudden all the naysayers, and negativity will cease from those same people and the prayers will being. Well, where in the world was all of that when things were going good or even satisfactory in your life?


Religion Exists for a Reason. The Almighty Exists. YOU Exist.

That is what people in the world today seem to forget – they take the little small things for granted such as thanking God for Him allowing you to wake up each and every morning to see another day; another morning to see the sun set; for the air our breath in your lungs because there are people who cannot do that; for a roof over your head because you DO have a place to sleep; for the food that you have in your stomach and being able to provide for yourself/your family; etc. I am sure that you can think of other small things to be thankful for . But, when all of these things come so easily to us – we simply get use to not thanking God for this, but He can take them away just as easily as HE blessed us with them. Just remember a Pope is NOT God …God is your Salvation, the Key, and the Answer to ALL!

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