Tonight With Trav Horror EVIL DEAD RISE – Lies To Get to Those Eyes!

EVIL DEAD RISE – Lies To Get to Those Eyes!

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What’s “EVIL DEAD RISE” About?


A twisted tale of two sibling sisters: Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle of survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable! 

The Evil Finds YOU…and then…

From the moment that the film began – was drawn and just sucked into this! I will not tell you NO word of an evil lie! These Evil Dead movies are almost comparable to any Quentin Tarantino film – I say almost because Tarantino films are far more bloodier than these are! I mean, these films just seem to keep getting more gorier and gorier …at least to me, that is! When the film begins, it is like some films where it is a real big pet peeve of mine where they show the damn ending LAST and then they explain the beginning at the close of the film and piece it all together. 

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…the Satanic Rises by Multiplying Into Others…then…..

Anyways, back to the evils of the film – and boy of boy did they rise up in here!  I mean these creatures were coming at me left and right – from the front and from the back …this movie tricks you just like that! I mean its not rocket science how the evil spreads and is contagious – well for me, I did not see the evil spreading like it did and well, how to keep it contained. That was not an option at given how the family was trapped in the apartment with very limited resources! If I had to choose the best part of the film, I would have to say it is the part where Ellie is in the elevator and the ghostly entity is tying her up with the rope and abusing her in whatever shape, form, or fashion that you would like to call it.

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…the Evil Dead RISES by Causing Havoc Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

That was very brutal. MORE brutal than anything else that I saw in the film. I do not know how anyone could survive that EXACT scene if it had happened to them in real life! Simply because there are individuals in the world today who love horror films – that does not necessarily meant hat they enjoy seeing people get totrured like poor Ellie did. That’s something that I hope society can loosen up a bit on.  In the world today, so many people are ready to say this and say that about so many people based on what they like and dislike.

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Trav’s Conclusions on EVIL DEAD RISE…

This is something that I feel I have to say and since this film is about EVIL and the rise of it – it is 100% fair damn game because there are always more evil people in the world ON.THE.RISE! Why do you think so many horror films are based on true stories and demonic forces haunt the weak-minded people? Because they are weak and timid; scared. You can be a good person …have morals…and still stand up for yourself and not allow dark forces or entities to grab a hold onto you! Dark forces are around us all day, each, and every day!


Don’t Let the Evil In …Don’t Let It Rise ….PREVAIL!!!

Temptations, people, objects, etc. So many things can be characterized as an evil or a temptation – all you have to do is keep your eyes open and be observant and help contain the spread to keep the evil down so that it does not what? Rise. I guess that I should not complain because they are explaining it – my rage comes in at for the movies that do this – but DOES NOT explain and piece it all together! Jordan Peele’s films are a perfect example of that! OMG, his films makes you want to dice yourself in a loony bin. I’m out! #Truth


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