Tonight With Trav Adventure GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 3 – is Soaring for Our Fearless Fantastic Superstar Rocket

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 3 – is Soaring for Our Fearless Fantastic Superstar Rocket

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 3 – is Soaring for Our Fearless Fantastic Superstar Rocket post thumbnail image

What’s “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3” About?


Still reeling from the loss of the “love of his life”, Gamora (Zoe Saldaña), Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) rallies his team to defend the Universe – and ONE of their very own! A mission that could very well mean the end of the Guardians …IF not successful! Would YOU want that to happen???

Rocket Soars in a Multitude of Ways!!!

I found this Guardians film to be one that fell off script & that should have been a spin-off movie if I can speak candidly. I say that simply because this film was not fully centered on or around ALL of the Guardians coming together to defeat one common enemy. I mean, in actuality they were, but minus …Rocket. Questioning whether or not if Rocket was a racoon or not was rather comical in the movie. Also, he was not doing any of the battling or the heavy lifting with the rest of the Guardians as he did in the first 2 films. He was fighting in this one!

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The Guardians Return!

That’s for sure – but its not what you’re trying to depict from my review & I’ll just leave it @ that because you all KNOW how I love to be two things when I write my reviews & that’s descriptive and suspenseful! I crave leaving you guys hungry and begging for more! I did read somewhere a while back that James Gunn wasn’t going to pursue anymore of the Guardians of the Galaxy films and then up comes Volume 3 when I thought I said goodbye to the Guardians in Volume 2 back in 2017.


Drax and Mantis: What Can We Say About These 2?

The 2 characters that share a somewhat unique bond and that I thought would have a romantic relationship no matter how odd or weird it would be simply due to their strong friendship was – Drax & Mantis! They both are 100% total and complete idiots!!! When you say or use the phrase, “fool in love,” – you ARE referring to them! They are the LITERAL definition of that phrase! The overall theme or underlying message of the movie to me was simply this: friendship. I don’t want to get into too much detail about why I feel Volume 3 was centered around this without giving much away, but I do feel very strongly about it!

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Rocket Wasn’t Just A Racoon …He Was Family …

Like I had mentioned earlier, Rocket was the center of this film and the remaining Guardians rallied around him to support him because they cared for him, supported him, loved him. That is what friends who grow into something more – like family does! That is the message the movie teaches us! DNA is like God …its everywhere, but we can’t say that same exact thing about good, loyal, true friends now can we? NOPE! Because finding rare good, kind-hearted individuals are rare in this world today!

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Sincerity: Can YOU Feel or Sense It As the Guardians Did?

The world is just filled and brimming with individuals, but its not brimming with good and pure people who are eager to be one’s confidant who can share their inner-most feelings and deepest, darkest secrets with; a person whom they can see themselves telling anything to & knowing they won’t see a hint of judgement or hostility in their eyes. Can you feel the sincerity in these words that I am speaking to you? Writing to you? That YOU are reading? How are these words making YOU feel?

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Trav’s Conclusions of the Galactic Guardians

I know how they are making feel – they’re making me feel spectacular and just bursting with love and passion, fire, heat, and just total LOVE! It’s indescribable! That is how the Guardians feel about not only Rocket when he needed them, but they all …someplace deep deep deep down feel that some way about each other even if they do not vocalize it in the manner in which they should or even could – their individual actions speak LOUDER (click on LOUDER link) than their words do!

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  1. YESSSSS! We have lift off lolol. Hubby and I really like these movies. Well be watching at soon as it streaming! Thanks Travis!!!!

    1. I have good news for you then – I believe that it is streaming now! I think that I read somewhere that streaming has begun for the movie! Glad that I was able to make my website fixable to where you could post again – well not just you; anyone. Thanks for bringing it to MY attention! You are my hero! XOXO!!

    1. Well, they might have to be the definition of “Squad Down.” You WILL understand after you watch the film for yourself or you can read between the lines of what I have just said for you – and its NO HUGE secret that the SECOND film was allegedly supposed to be the last of The Guardians they say. We shall see my friend; we shall see indeed ….They who???? Hmmmm…..

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