Tonight With Trav Drama/s LOVE AGAIN – Rekindles Excitement and Makes Love YOUR Assignment!

LOVE AGAIN – Rekindles Excitement and Makes Love YOUR Assignment!

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What’s “Love Again” About?

Love Again

A young woman, Mira Ray (Pryianka Chopra-Jones) tries to ease the pain of her fiancé’s death by sending romantic texts to his old cell phone number and forms a connection with the man (Sam Heughan) the number has been reassigned to.

Cherish The Moments of True Love!

Watching “Love Again” makes me; I am not sure about anyone else or any ladies in general, butLove Again this is me speaking and I am very open and candid with my feelings and expressing myself – it makes me want to run out and find love again …find a back up if I had a current love, etc. This movie is full of love, second chances, and yes heart-crushing heartbreak! The way that they film started off was so romantic – but at the blink of an eye it was suddenly taken away from Mira and that is how life and love is – it can be taken away just as quickly as it is discovered. It was a tragedy how Mir’s Soulmate was taken from her. That is ALL that I will say and I will NOT be speaking code on how it happened , but when I saw it, I could feel Mira’s emotions – and I do mean ALL of them and they all came flooding into my body all at once because I was in total shock and disbelief.

Loving Again Takes Time, Practice, Courage, and Patience

Picsart 23 05 07 13 27 03 713How in the world can someone get over losing the love of their life in a certain period time? The reason I bring that up is because in real life jobs and family will say that it has been a certain amount of time and that we need distractions and that they person who has dies would not want us to just around and sulk, they would want us to move on and live our lives I think that is the most generic response people will get when something tragic like this occurs, but I do not care – I was totally in agreement with how Mira was acting until she did what the title of this film is – until she found love again! Mira was wearing her deceased lover’s clothes to hold onto him in order not to find love again, she found solace in texting him to his phone number to hold onto him not to find love again.

You Can’t Recycle Love – But You Can Recycle Phone Numbers!

Picsart 23 05 07 13 29 28 021Granted, phone numbers are recycled but that is something that the writing them of this movie may or may not have taken into play when writing the film, but when Mira found solace in doing that – her words pricked at heart of Rob, another lonely Soul who had been scared by love, but not in the same way as Mira. I will ask you as Rob asked Mira on their first date …do you think that you could fall in love with someone with their words? As Mira tells Rob in the film and as I know you all have heard in life the famous phrase, “actions speak louder than words.”

Words Have Power …Just as LOVE Does!! For Sure!!

Picsart 23 05 07 13 27 59 173It was the manner in which Mira was sending the texts that pricked at Rob – the words were deep, powerful, meaningful; it was something that a person has never read before; it moved him, captured his heart. As Rob’s co-worker told him when he assumed the texts were coming from her, she said it perfectly that matches my point  – she replied to him, “Dude…I don’t flirt like that!” Love Again is the perfect name for this film. PERFECT!

Trav’s Conclusions …and THAT’s the way It Is….

Picsart 23 05 07 13 28 28 272Mira’s texts to Rob, which at the time she had NO idea where going to Rob were captivating. It is rare that we in this life find our Soulmate; our destiny; that one true love. It is a shame that this film was not advertised more, because when people ask me what is a good romantic movie for date night – I. AM. TELLING. THEM. THIS. MOVIE. RIGHT. HERE. And having Celine Dion in the movie was only an added bonus!

2 thoughts on “LOVE AGAIN – Rekindles Excitement and Makes Love YOUR Assignment!”

  1. Intriguing, finding solace in 1 thing, the other falling in love. Makes you want more of the story. Do you think a part two would be in the works??

    1. Jerry:
      You know that you NEVER cease to amaze me with your insight, wisdom, and knowledge about life – when you post comments on my reviews (which are rare) – absolutely and unequivocally, I HAD to say that because you KNOW its the HARDCORE SONT COLD GORUND GRITS truth like Madea says ….but we NOT playing Gritball – I feel as if I am not even talking or replying to you. I feel as if I am replying to a completely different person. When I talk to you in person, you do not talk like what you just wrote on this particular review. I am giving you a compliment now, yes. But, to answer your question, no, I do not feel that a sequel is in the words for this movie because it ended the way that it was supposed to and I just don’t feel that they will make a sequel to a film such as this one. In addition to that, there were no big name draw actors to have a sequel. Sequels are usually made with a bigger budget for the film, A-list actors, and a story-line that can stand on its on, and this film was not even advertised or publicized that much to let America even know about it. Thank you for reading – and MOST importantly, commenting! 🙂

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