Tonight With Trav Action HYPNOTIC – Implants Death With Your Very Last Breath!

HYPNOTIC – Implants Death With Your Very Last Breath!

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What’s “Hypnotic” About?


A detective (Ben Affleck) investigates a mystery surrounding his missing daughter – and a Top-Secret Government Program.

Does Hypnotic Hypnotize?

Hypnotic was such an intriguing film that very much surprisingly caught me off guard with its “killer plot twist” that I did not see coming – AT ALL!! It’s always rather difficult for me to say this, but if its true …then its true and I write the harsh and ugly truth no matter what! Truth is truth in my book! With Hypnotic being such a low-budget & not very well advertised, I was highly impressed with the fact that the film tricked me! For almost each and every single low budget film, the plot is easily figured out or displayed; predictable. NOT so the case with this film. I only wish that the film could have been more in tune with the plot and had more well-known actors in it than just Ben Affleck. Certainly, he can stand in a film alone just in his name, but having a partner or two helps as well. The brutal and very vicious attacks throughout the film just had me speechless – I wasn’t expecting those at all!

Ben Affleck Gets Hypnotized…

Very gruesome, gory, close up, and just plain over the top! As the movie progresses on, we canHypnotic find out more about Danny Rourke and why he is so obsessed with finding his daughter’s abductors. He meets an hypnotic that can give him some insight on hypnotics and how to fight them off, but then there is a block that he is putting up without it that is preventing the 1 person that can help him locate his daughter – and that one person is Diana Cruz. This film is more of a psychological thriller to me than just a regular old drama. Yes!!! There is drama in the movie; lots & lots of drama, but the way that these hypnotics try to infiltrate your mind to get you to do just about almost anything is beyond terrifying!

Do You Want To Walk With A Hypnotist?

Picsart 23 05 10 11 20 08 830You know something …its very strange how you very frequently hear people uses the terms or phrases similar to this movie in real life – catch phrases such as: you’re easily influenced; you’re under the spell of someone; you’re smitten by; you are under the influence of someone; or you can be very easily persuaded; you are a weak-minded person. And there are so many more just like the few that I have just listed and do you know the ONE thing that all of these phrases have in common? Come on now – you can tell me – its the fact that they are all highly suggestible hypnotic phrases where if anyone were to be told these phrases in THIS move, they are likely to be hypnotized by a hypnotic like so many individuals were in this movie and got them to do whatever and whenever.

Breaking Into The Minds of Millions!

Picsart 23 05 10 11 19 27 300It was so scary to see in this movie how the main protagonist go inside of dozens of people’s minds and convinced them they were harmful and very ruthless and dangerous people and instructed them to kill and murder and do his bidding for him! Could you imagine living in a world where your mind was an actual prison and you were trapped inside and there was nothing to get you out? Literally, you would be too far gone and nothing could save you or recover you!

Trav’s Conclusions on Hypnotic

You could NOT come back once your mind was infiltrated. You would not have control of your own damn mind – you would do whatever you had to do to complete the task that the hypnotist tasked you to do. If you were chained to a fence because someone chained you to stop you – you would chew your own arm off to get out in order to complete to the task or mission that you were told to do., That is how it was in this movie! REAL STUFF! NO LIE! NO JOKE! Can you even imagine?

10 thoughts on “HYPNOTIC – Implants Death With Your Very Last Breath!”

  1. Oooh I wanna see this! I haven’t heard of it!!! I like him! Thanks Travis! I love a good twisted shocker of a psychological movie!!

    1. Oh, my Dear Sweet Loveable Amy:
      It will twist you all over the place – and it will turn you – but into what???? I will leave the door open for you to enter….. or exit, if you MUST!!!

  2. After reading Trav’s POSITIVE review, I’m likely to watch this movie from the comfort of my home on AMC-on-Demand! Happily admit, it’s a great read’ got me interested!
    Not much of a fan of Ben Affleck, but I’m a huge fan of psychological thriller movies! Definitely in the Top 2023 movie to see!!! πŸΏπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

    1. Derdy Ape!!!
      Thank you! So much! For you visiting my website for the very first time & another THANK YOU for posting a blow out comment like this! It warms my heart and leaves me speechless! Want to know why? Well, I will tell you why, my friend. When I created this website – i had ONE main purpose in doing so and it was not to be interactive with my followers or anyone who leaved comments because I was going to do that automatically! My sole purpose was to write so that my words could touch, inspire, heal, motivate, and prick at the hearts of each and every single human being that came to Tonight With Trav to tread anything even if it was one line, one sentence, one word, or one paragraph – because in all of those one’s – there is ONE unique characteristic that sets my reviews apart form professional movie critics: and that is that I do not bash the movies, the actors, and I aim to leave a POSITIVE message in each, and every single review that I write and it warms my heart when people leave comments like you do saying that I have convinced them to see or watch a specific film that they were not interested in at all that means that I piqued their interest/s in seeing it. That means my words have a profound effect on them and my ultimate goal of reaching someone has been fulfilled like I said earlier and that brings me so much joy and self-fulfillment so – THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU FORM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND COME BACK AND COMMENT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!

  3. Not at all my film I shot in October is low budget I hope people will think it’s decent lol

    1. That’s true! They only film that I have ever heard of being shot with an iPhone is a film that I actually fell in love with is – “Promising Young Woman.”

  4. You’re very Welcome! Your movie reviews are extraordinary and fun to read! How you describe each film is remarkable and astounding! I trust all you have to say and I get eager each time by wanting to engage in the same experience that you have shared with us! I am more than Happy to visit your page any chance I get! Appreciate all your time and effort you put in! I can’t thank you enough for the positive reviews that enlightens us all! Keep continuing to write write write every possible chance you get! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TRAV

    1. What in the world can I say to this comment – there is nothing! It is beyond incredible! It is making me speechless! It’s perfect! Stellar! It’s something than any author or well-established professional would wait years to have someone to tell them; I feel and you have told this to me and I feel so, so, so incredibly honored to have received such a compliment of this magnitude from you – simply saying thank you just does not suffice because its the little things that mean so much to me and this is anything but a little thing! This is MAJOR and I will NEVER forget this! EVER!!!

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