Tonight With Trav Action THE MOTHER – is a Fearless Warrior!

THE MOTHER – is a Fearless Warrior!

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What’s “The Mother” About?


While fleeing from very dangerous assailants, an assassin comes from out of hiding (Jennifer Lopez) to protect her daughter, Zoe (Lucy Paez) that she left very much earlier in life!

Jennifer Lopez …is …The Mother!!!

Picsart 23 05 28 18 45 53 078When I think of a home, a very stable home – I think of a place where there is love surrounding the children and there is the mother and the father. But in some instances that is just NOT the case, and some children simply cannot be afforded that luxury of 2 parents. That does not necessarily mean that the one parent should compensate for the missing parent in any way, fashion, shape, or form. 

The Mother Is MORE Than Just a Word …It’s A Job!

MotherWhen people watch this film – their immediate thoughts might be focused on the film’s very attractive and legendary star, Jennifer Lopez, better known to the world as J’Lo. And they may comment on her overall looks, how she kicks butt, or looks sexy with a gun, etc. But I saw past ALL of that. I SAW the film Lopez’ character of the Mother was and should be how every single mother who has given birth to a child should behave! Having material instincts kick in, and all the stereotypes that we hear when a woman is pregnant with her first child that we have heard before – I hate to burst your bubble, but there ALL true! When I watched this film, I saw more than just a mother; I saw a woman that was given NO options or alternatives whatsoever in order to do TWO things: one, to survive and two, to give her daughter a better life.

The Mother …and Her Identity Crisis

Picsart 23 05 28 18 44 37 495The film was more than just about a woman wanting to protect her child at any cost. It was about identity. IDENTITY. That word is the primal word that individuals have been struggling with all of their lives – trying to determine where they belong and who they are. That was partially The Mother & Zoe’s issues when Zoe aged up and started to realize things were not right with her own mother. Sometimes keeping your child in the dark about things is protecting them, but what’s done in the dark …most definitely comes to the light. Same can be said for the children. Children are always getting unruly with their parents when they are grounded, corrected, scolded, etc. When parents do this, they are doing this because they love their kids, but the kids are too young to see it – and to comprehend it. All they see it as is meanness and tough love. That is why parents do not want kids to say any flippant remarks or talk back because the last words you say to a person just may be your last and FINAL words.

Trav’s Conclusions on …The Mother …

Picsart 23 05 28 18 42 50 772As I have been stating since the very beginning …this movie is more, @ least to me – a film more than action. A film about losing your baby girls due to the type of job that you have, and your own job turned against you, took your child, forced you to return to work and forget all about her, placed her into Foster Care, and as a result of your own individual actions blame you. HOW? Just how in the world could any Mother and not only this one goes on for 12 long years and not think about her own flesh and blood? Her child. You have heard the old saying – simply because someone has not given birth to you does not mean that they love you any less! Adoptions fall right into that category as well. All of the innocent children waiting to be adopted are waiting to be loved be individuals who have a varied amount of reasons they cannot love their own child biologically – and they should NOT EVER be judged for that.


4 thoughts on “THE MOTHER – is a Fearless Warrior!”

  1. Seems like overall it’s decent with a good plot! Of course people will be looking at how J.Lo looks and commenting on that lol she’s old and still hot lol but from what you’re saying, it seems like a pretty good watch.

  2. Jennifer was incredible in this! Props to the kid too! I really should see Selena! I have not watched a movie with Jennifer I haven’t liked. Great review as always Trav!

    1. I’ve never actually seen “Selena” either myself so you are not alone there – but yeah, all of the greats do make flops every once in a while unless you are Jennifer Lawrence and make 5 in a damn row! (Geezums) you do know that. Right? LOL! But, thank you for the gracious and very frequent comment – but I never get tired of reading it! Love you!!

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