Tonight With Trav Drama/s “THE PHOTOGRAPH” Works On Your Behalf – And I Write It In Each & Every Single Paragraph

“THE PHOTOGRAPH” Works On Your Behalf – And I Write It In Each & Every Single Paragraph

“THE PHOTOGRAPH” Works On Your Behalf – And I Write It In Each & Every Single Paragraph post thumbnail image

the photographTravis’ Grade Of: [A+] The Photograph

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? YES! THIS WAS SUCH A ROMANTIC AND SWEET AS A BOX OF GODIVA CHOCOLATES!



My Critique On “The Photograph” is this – it is the romantic comedy of the year to me because it is simply on point with every last…



Film Synopsis: A series of intertwining love stories (Played by: Issa Rae & LaKeith Stanfield in the PRESENT; and then played by Y’Lan Noel & Chante’ Adams in the PAST) set in the past and in the present!
Classification of Film: Drama & Romance
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….scene! The movie is a movie to be seen by all races – not just simply African Americans! Issa Rae did one hell of a job, but my one little hiccup about Issa was that her hair did not seem consistent to me. Lol! So serious!


I know that is minor – but I could not help it. It looked loose and free in some scenes and then in others it just looked like her mother’s hair…maybe that was the point? Am I the only one who caught onto that? Is that was the director was aiming for – seeing if anyone could pay attention to detail like that?


Just getting it out there! Now that I have gotten that out of the way, onto the rating! This was such a mother/daughter intertwined film! No Doubt about it! I loved the way that the film zeroed in on Mae and Christina back and fourth going through the same issues from the past to the present.


Nostalgia MOST DEFINITELY seeps in while watching the film and what I took away from it is just that – a sense of nostalgia and wondering if you can live the rest of your life with “what if’s” and doubts if you would have said this or done that. No one wants to live their lives; at least the rest of their lives like that with that much uncertainly.


I connected with the movie; but not in the romantic sense but the mindset of Mae and how she would always second guess her choices and decisions about work, her love, her life, her mother, etc. In today’s world finding love NOT even your Soulmate or one true love is tough. You have to go through so many bad mistakes and relationships in order to find that good one which may have the potential to be a person’s forever.


I heard in a movie once a character say, “if I never was in a bad relationship, I would never know what being in a good one feels like.” I have not experienced this per se, but I can understand the logic in this quote and when you really dig down deep and think about it, it makes A LOT OF SENSE!


I felt that it was appropriate to input that in this rating except that Mae was not in a lot of relationships to use this, but where it did have some input in her life is with the doubts that she had on almost everything. There was a little surprise in the movie regarding her father and I figured it out rather quickly. I wonder if you will. I will say that it was pretty predictable, but then kind of hidden too.


You’ll just HAVE see for yourself. In closing, I will say never give up on love even if it is long distance because if the love and chemistry is there and two people are passionate about being together, those are the two ingredients to make the relationship HOT and exciting and long-lasting!


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