Tonight With Trav Horror “SMILE” – Be Mindful of Whom YOU Choose …There Are Treacherous Fake Smiles …Everywhere!

“SMILE” – Be Mindful of Whom YOU Choose …There Are Treacherous Fake Smiles …Everywhere!

“SMILE” – Be Mindful of Whom YOU Choose …There Are Treacherous Fake Smiles …Everywhere! post thumbnail image

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Poster Funia09 31 09 17 08 2022Film Synopsis: After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can’t explain. Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality!

Trav’s Critique On “SMILE” ➡️ I know that we’ve ALL heard the cliche all of our lives especially on jobs: “SMILE!” Make the good first impression! People can hear and feel if you are smiling over the phone if you are a call center agent or have a special job like that, am I right? Well, let me tell you this – after watching this film, as soon as I hear the word, “smile” or people even mention or give the slightest hint that I am not smiling enough, etc. I will have a total automatic flashback to this movie! I think that this film is like the COVID-19 pandemic. I think people ALL across the globe heard about this movie! LMBO!!!


If I went and traveled all around the world and started to see people smiling, I would freak the hell out! For real! I would not know if it was for real – or fake/pretend! There is a diverse amount of horror films that come out into the theaters that I have high expectations for, and they wound up sucking. NOT this one – I went in with high expectations – and I left out just the exact same feeling very highly satisfied! There was NOTHING for me to FROWN at while watching SMILE!


This was a film that was something I’d never seen or heard of before. The opening to the film with Laura who cut herself with the chard piece of glass from the flower vase (which was in the trailer – NOT a spoiler BTW) was the IDEAL opener for the film. Also, the way that the camera zoomed all the way around on Dr. Cotter’s office and then zoomed all the way into her eye and then how the title of the film flashed a bright color red not once, not twice, but THRICE on that big, huge and bright colorful Dolby Screen was amazing! That! That right there was amazing in itself.


That set not only the tone for the remainder of the film …but it totally was ON POINT! I was highly impressed, and I cannot say that about a lot of horror films these days because the majority of them suck! They suck big time! The actress who portrayed the role of Dr. Cotter; I have not personally seen her in any other motion picture films, but she did do a sensational job in the movie! I have to give her a standing ovation! SHE DID HER THING! OH HELL YEAH SHE DID!


I am kind of skeptical to admit this, but I am sure that I am not the only one who might have felt this way while watching the movie – but, as the film progressed onwards, I had a rather difficult time trying to differentiate between what was real and what was a hallucination when it came to Rose aka Dr. Cotter, when the curse was passed to her from her patient Laura in the beginning of the film. Something else that was rather striking to me was that it was never really mentioned or explained fully how the curse is passed or how to get rid of it.


There is a scene in the film that is shown in the trailer with a man who is incarcerated that Rose and Joel go to see, but it is not clear to the audience. I will admit, I went online to follow up more on it so that I could get a clearer picture of it, and I have a somewhat better understanding, but not fully. That is what I hate about some movies whether they be psychological thrillers or what – when Directors/writers make a movie…make it with sense and that everything comes together and do not keep the audience trying to piece things together once the film is over; bring all the pieces together.


It’s OK if it’s a mystery and we have to figure it out for ourselves; but once the film is coming to a close – bring everything together so the audience can make sense of what happened and why it did. People should not have to wonder to the internet to try to figure out what a movie is about or why something was not properly explained. That’s all.

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Smiling Was ALWAYS Said to Be Contagious – Do YOU Want to Catch It & Smile from Now On? #TonightWithTrav



Besides that, I think that this is a killer film and one of the best horror films I have seen since the last one I said this about. I cannot recall what the best last horror film was that I saw; but like I stated earlier, I don’t get to say that often so that’s really saying a hell of a lot! So, therefore, smile…what have you got to lose? SMILE!!! SMILE!!! SMILE!!!

10 thoughts on ““SMILE” – Be Mindful of Whom YOU Choose …There Are Treacherous Fake Smiles …Everywhere!”

  1. This Movie Was Good, But It Was Loud, Like VERY Loud, I Was Covering My Ears Half The Film Because It Was So Loud, 4/5 Movie.

  2. Horror film.. It takes a lot of courage.. I think if I’m going it should be meaningful. And wouldn’t give five stars for something bad. If I can I’ll try because it’s definitely different from useless horror movies.👍🏻

    1. I gave it 5 stars because it was a GREAT horror film – you have NO idea how many millions of horror films I have seen that made ZERO sense; had ZERO scares; and was a TOTAL waste of time. The only flaw to this movie was the explaination/s of how to get rid if the curse and how it is passed to someone. But the imagery, the horror, it was all there. Those are the crucial elements to make a horror movie a success and it was meaningful to me – the protagonist, Dr. Cotter had to face her fear that she was pushing down her entire life! She never gave up on finding out what was happening to her…she had a voice and wanted to be heard…because of what happened to her as a child is what gave her the drive & determination to become a psychatrist. Oh, there is meaning in the film is you look hard enough 👌

  3. Another great review man. I absolutely love how Sosie Bacon finally got her first lead role in a major film. Following in her parents’ footsteps she’s going to have a very long career. And I agree this is definitely a unique film that was not done before. The intricacy of the psychological Horrors especially the fear of the unknown really eats you alive. It was very interesting the way they explained how it was passed to each person plus was absolutely insane what needed to be done to be able to stop the curse. Very well explained and unique movie.

    1. Thanks, Broski! What really ate me up tje hell alive was how you felt they explained the curse – and how to get rid of it so flawlessly. I don’t agree with you on that. It seemed like they had to do the same thing to get rid of it and to get it & that was to kill themselves in front of someone? I just don’t have a 100% clear understanding of it. Sorry. Lol. NOT even after reading the entire plot breakdown online!

  4. I really wanted to see what you thought!! I LOVE Sosie Bacon! I have quite the list of movies I need to see – LOL!

    1. Well, to be brutally honest – what I “thought” did or did not happen in the movie and half the damn time all’s I could do was either smile, drown, laugh, cry, or leave my mouth wide open for someone to smile inside of the damn thing! How’s that? LMAO! And as far as Sosie Bacon is concerned, I’d never heard of her before this movie to be perfectly honest with you! There are a lot of actors who are not well-known or @ least I have not heard of them, and she is one of them, but she really played her part in this movie – I will give her that!

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