“BROS” – It’s Quite Simple to Comprehend – Love is Love!

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20221001 144824Film Synopsis: Two men (BOTH actors are gay in real life – Billy Eichner & Luke MacFarlane) with very serious, and deep complicated commitment issues attempt a relationship.

Trav’s Critique On “BROS” ➡️ Firstly, I’m going to tell anyone this who reads this review on BROS, NOT only to keep an open mind – but also the actor, Billy Eichner who portrayed the character of Bobby in the film – his ENTIRE point of co-writing this film and having it made co-existed with how he played his character in the film. Both Bobby and Billy want ONE thing; and that is what all same sex couples and any LGBTQ individual wants: MUTUAL acceptance, MUTUAL respect, MUTUAL adoration, and above all else – no more insecurity with the homophobia.


I read some of the interviews that Billy gave regarding why he wanted this film, BROS to be made and the reasons that I have just listed is why he co-wrote BROS. As I was watching the film, it really broke my heart as I am a sentimental type of person regardless of how many closed minded people there are in the world; how many people can adore and respect a heterosexual couple and be completely fine with it; but when it comes to any other type of relationship that is not male/female – some people go beyond freaking out and into a territory that I cannot even describe. I truly felt bad for the character of Bobby.


He truly deep down in his heart wanted a REAL relationship with a man who would give him all of the things that he was searching for, but do you know all that he felt he was worth was Grindr hook ups! He hooked up with random guys all of the time, felt as if he was not worthy of real love, had to constantly push down his sexuality to make others satisfied and he truly could not be himself. That’s no way to live. It’s truly not. He saw that gay men just wanted simply to be – bros. Bros, to Bobby was playing it safe.


He left both his guard and his walls up so that he could not get hurt by any guy! The same things that happen in straight relationships happen in LGBTQ relationships. You, me, no one cannot and will never be able to answer why certain people have the homophobia that they do around LGBTQ people. I guess that we will never know, but I do know one thing – they are human beings and just because they have chosen what society claims and sees as “not normal or unorthodox” does not mean that they do not have a voice, feelings, or are worth any more or less than anyone else on God’s Earth. God loves everyone – ALL of His children.


I firmly believe that in my heart. It’s time that people come out of these whatever ways of thinking that they are stuck in. In the film, Aaron, who is played by Luke MacFarlane is gay and he confesses to Bobby that he just does not do the clinging relationship thing very well. How many times has that happened in a heterosexual relationship if two people meet and there is a spark, but they want to label it as friends with benefits? See what I am talking about?


I could sit here and give you comparisons all damn day – so why the stupidity as if you are friends with someone who is LGBTQ you will catch it like a disease or something? I MUST say this – there is an actor, Christian Jules LeBlanc, he is a gay actor and married to a man and he is homophobic. You can look it up yourself online if you do not believe me.


There are millions of scenarios with people who struggle with gender identity disorders of all kinds! Do you know where it all stems from? IF you had to take a guess – where would you say? Yep, you guessed right – from the outside world, from society. Both Bobby and Aaron challenged each other and brough out the best of each other and that is a beautiful thing! They are BROS alright!



Love is LOVE – NO matter the sexual orientation…NO matter NOTHING! Everyone should be seen and treated the same! Period! #TonightWithTrav

Aaron learned from Bobby that being gay is not a bad thing and that real love does exist; whilst Bobby learned from Aaron that when you need that shoulder to life you up; there are good men out there to give it to you for whatever the reason may be. This film is more than about bros…

8 thoughts on ““BROS” – It’s Quite Simple to Comprehend – Love is Love!”

  1. I think the thing that was fascinating is that every speaking part is played by a person in the LGBTQ world. One day, maybe, that won’t matter, but for now, seeing mainstream stepping into normalizing it is a beautiful thing. As an out open actor, I limited myself. but living my truth was more important to me. Looking forward to seeing this, and hearing Billy sing:)

    1. Limiting – that was piviotal in Billy/Bobby’s message in the film. There is a part in the film where Aaron does something to Bobby in regards to that – and it just bubbles up to the surface for him where he loses it and he had every right to as I said in my rating. Living your truth – your whole truth is the most vauleable thing a person can do! Some can; some never can – be no one should ever feel pressured, bullied, or forced when it comes to that. Not every person is the same. What we see in this movie, is just that a movie – if it could play out like this in real life with everyone; we’d be living in a Utopia.

  2. This Movie Was Way Better Then I Was Expecting, And Also Really Relatible. I Am Straight But I Have A Friend Who Is Half Gay And I Really Think He Can Enjoy (and relate) To This Too. For Me, 3/5

    1. By half gay – you mean bisexual? Liking both men and women? Has he seen the film, “Love, Simon?” He might relate even better to that one as it deals with the same issues but with teenagers. Suggest that one if he or you have not heard of that one. 🙂

  3. I do wanna see this movie!!! Looks awesome!!! I love both of the actors in it, too! Thx so much, Travis!!

    1. Yeah, both of those actors are pretty terrific – I’d never heard of Luke MacFarlane before – I have seen him before I think; but seeing him in this film he reminds me of the actor Sean Carrigan!

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