Tonight With Trav Drama/s MAFIA MAMMA – Questions Crime Bossing By Killing Innocents

MAFIA MAMMA – Questions Crime Bossing By Killing Innocents

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What’s “Mafia Mamma” About?

Mafia Mamma

This film follows an American woman (Toni Collette) who inherits her Grandfather’s mafia empire in Italy. Guided by the film’s trusted consigliere, Bianca (Monica Bellucci), she hilariously defies everyone’s expectations, including her own, as the new Head of the Family business.

Love Mafia Mamma As A Sicilian Nickname!

Wouldn’t you just love to call your momma, Mafia Mamma? This was nothing but a female version of “The Godfather” if you ask me & I still would say that if they did not reference the movie so many damn times in this particular movie! LOL! Poor Mafia Mamma had a hard time finding a Deadly Daddy in the movie. This was a cute little comedy – furthest thing from a mob movie like The Godfather or The Sopranos if that is what you we led to believe from the trailers or simple from the movie posters for Mafia Mamma. I mean actual title of the movie is very alluring to the eye if you really stop and think about it.

Mafia Mamma

Being A Mob Boss Is Kinda Sexy & Frightening!

It sounds really hot, sexy, and seductive. All of the characteristics that a mob boss should have plus -cunning and suave! Am I right – or am I right? Toni Collette really gave a GREAT PERFORMANCE! You know …that NEVER ceases to amaze me about actors – they are terrific performers, but in certain pictures or even sequels when they have to develop a character as timid, shy, etc. and they have to break out of that shell to become strong – it never ceases to amaze me at how their entire facial expressions and body languages switch from that shy and afraid person to someone strong and extraordinary. how they can change and transform their look like that over time in either one movie over 2 hours like Collette did or even Kristen Stewart in Twilight as Bella – and I am sure you can think of plenty more, can’t you?

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Own A Mafia Mamma?

I really thoroughly enjoyed the movie, Mafia Mamma and would watch it again; hell to be bloody and brutally honest with you- I think that I would seriously purchase it when it comes out on DVD. I know already dammit, I know…. WHO in the hell even buys movies anymore with all the damn online streaming services out there that they have now – but candidly speaking – I just love being that typical old-fashioned guy that still loves to buy the DVD’s. I started a collection years ago & I am still continuing on with it. I’ve seen, just recently, within the past few months some films with Toni Collette in them and she has been great in those particular roles – but this here one …let me be the very FIRST to tell you that she nailed it! NAILED. IT. ON. THE. HEAD.

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From Housewife …to Crime Boss….

I mean playing a role from a housewife Suburban Mother to being a Lead Crime Boss. The softest and LESS courageous of individuals are the ones that NEVER ever cease to amaze me when it comes to them getting out from under their shell and shyness to do a job or task that needs to get done or whatever is required of them. NEVER!

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Trav’s Conclusions of Mafia Mammas and Deadly Daddies!

Life is hard enough and the bumps in life are not small – those monsters are hell, but only through faith and the Grace of God can we come out on top and as it was said in this film and I agree 1000% with it: “just because you are a crime boss …that does NOT make you evil or a bad person.” What is YOUR stance in that? Do you agree – or disagree with that? In closing, out of everything that I have written about the movie, I KNOW that you can agree in this – Collette was one hawt Mafia Mamma! 


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