Tonight With Trav Comedy RENFIELD – Vampire Bosses Suck, are Toxic, & Volatile Feces

RENFIELD – Vampire Bosses Suck, are Toxic, & Volatile Feces

RENFIELD – Vampire Bosses Suck, are Toxic, & Volatile Feces post thumbnail image

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What’s “Renfield” About?


Count Dracula’s (Nicolas Cage) lackey, R.M. Renfield (Nicholas Hault) finds a new lease on life in modern day New Orleans when he falls in love with Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina), a traffic cop! How exciting and blood-thirsty delicious!

Count Dracula Sucks Poor Renfield Dry!

 I loved the fact that Renfield found a NEW lease on life; a BRAND NEW lease on life and got out form under Dracula’s thumb. Renfield has a Soul. Notice that I said HAS & not HAD. In everyday life, we use analogies in our everyday conversations without even realizing it. People should stop and be more like Renfield in this film. Even though he was working for Count Dracula, the most Evil being there was, and believe you me – there are far more evils in the world than him – he still saw the potential in just about anyone and he realized something about himself. He wanted that back. He wanted happiness back; he got tired of being talked down to, being someone else’s lackey, a pushover, being dependent on ONE person because that one person had the power to let him what he felt that he could not get himself.

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Dracula Wants Renfield To Be Co-Dependent on Him

Dracula pulled Renfield down so much that he had ZERO self-confidence at all in himself or his abilities. That is what very strong-minded, alpha males tend to do – they dominate and dominate until that is all that they have left remaining in their arsenals to wear a weak-minded/good person down to have them be dependent on them because they are not as forceful as they are to wear them down. This movie did not teach me what I am writing on or saying because I have already learned these valuable lessons, but I am writing all of this in hope that my words will grasp or touch anyone who reads this particular post.

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Allow NO ONE to Suck The Life and Strength Out of You That You Think You Don’t Have!

This is to all the individuals who THINK they are weak – you are not …you are strong …you can tap into your given strength @ any point in your life when you are ready! NEVER let anyone tell you you are not good enough to do something and you need them – they are wrong – THEY NEED YOU! Courage is a gift that God gives to everyone; God does NOT give us fear – he gives us love, strength, and Courage and with those 3 combined with Faith – you can overcome anything! Anything! But, you have to believe it in your heart, and in your mind as well! The character of Renfield is a prime example of those 2 characteristics and he displays them beautifully on-screen for you to see. Having Nicholas Hault portray this role was a perfect choice .


Meeting The Suckers!

Just perfect! I only with that I could have had the opportunity to meet him while her was in New Orleans because he is one of my favorite actors that I love to watch in films especially the X-Men films. This movie does not “suck”, but Count Dracula sucks and so does Dracula if you get what I just said there! LOL! Do you? The Count sucks (as in being a bad person) and he sucks (meaning he sucks blood).

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Rebecca Quincy & Renfield: A Hot Item That Bites!!!

In closing, the film was very entertaining, thanks largely in part to the wonderfully talented and highly comical Awkwafina because that girl will add laughter to ANY film no matter what genre it is! I was ready to laugh as soon as I saw her first come on the screen because I knew right off the bat she was going to say or do something to make me spit out some of my Coke Zero! LOL!

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