Tonight With Trav Drama/s MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE – Has His Dynamic Dances With Max’s Advances!

MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE – Has His Dynamic Dances With Max’s Advances!

MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE – Has His Dynamic Dances With Max’s Advances! post thumbnail image

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What’s “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” About?

Magic Mike

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) takes to the stage again …following a business deal that went bust, leaving him broke, and having to take bartending gigs in Florida. After some time, Mike heads to London with Maxandra Mendoza (Selma Hayek-Pinault) who lures him with such a seductive offer that he CANNOT and WILL NOT refuse! Will this truly be Magic Mike’s epic FINAL dance for us all …YOU think? 

Magic Mike Has Style & Rhythm

Picsart 23 02 09 21 44 47 265Coming to see this movie was EXACTLY what the character of Max told Magic Mike in the trailer for the film – “I want every woman in this theater to feel that she can have whatever she wants whenever she wants it.” I am not a woman, but I know what she meant. Max was going through a very rough patch divorcing her husband, feeling disconnected from her daughter, & even though she was wealthy, that still was not keeping her warm at night. Just because a lady has money and can buy anything – the one thing that she could not or any woman can is – love. For a price, anyone can buy it for pretend, but the REAL thing can’t be bought. We all know that, don’t we. This Magic Mike film is more about the passion, romance, and fire of dance and how that combines with romance.

Hayek & Tatum Steam Up The Silver Screen

TPicsart 23 02 09 21 45 30 850he chemistry between Magic Mike and he surely has the magic when it comes to dancing and tempting ladies and Max was ON-POINT! The movie overall was making me feel the steam and fire that I know the actors were feeling and I never would even be able to decipher if their emotions were real or fake because if a stripper were to give me a lap dance like any of those strippers …whether in a movie if I was acting or in real life, my reaction would be IDENTICAL!

This Cannot Be Mike’s Last Dance!

BePicsart 23 02 09 21 46 19 833fore the movie came on, both Channing & Selma came on the screen and told the audience about the film and what we were in for and the ONE thing that we would not be able to deny is that we would “feel” as if we were in the movie and the most talked about and HEATED scene in the film is the lap dance in the beginning of the film where Magic Mike gives Max her lap dance that she requests from him. It is so…words cannot even explain it!

Magic Mike’s Last Dance Is The Fourth of July x INFINITY!!!

Picsart 23 02 09 21 46 46 159I am NOT even kidding you! It even gave me the shakes and the shivers!!! I certainly hope that this is not the end of Magic Mike because these movies are needed every once in a while and for this to come out on Valentine’s Day, too? Wow-wee!! The leading lady initially to play the role of Max was supposed to be Thandie Newton and from what I saw today when I saw the film and her replacement was Salma Hayek – I don’t see Newton portraying or even much tackling the role as she did. I will admit that I read articles about Hayek saying that the 5-minute lap dance that was given to her by Tatum made her sore and took a toll on her.

The “FIYA FIYA FIYA” Can Be Felt In Magic Mike

I cPicsart 23 02 09 21 47 32 447an believe it from what I saw! I’m not sure how many takes it took to nail it down, but from all the different angles and positions the two of them were in – it sent me in a tail spin! I was looking at them and getting aroused my damn self! I mean, honestly, it couldn’t be helped – getting turned on or aroused by something is a natural and biological process and I’m not ashamed to admit it! AT ALL! 

Stripping Can Be A Dry-Humping Tease …But Channing Knows How To Please!

IFPicsart 23 02 09 21 50 48 815 that was what Director Soderbergh was aiming for: BRAVO! He succeeded!! I mean the way I felt when I saw Tatum’s first two films was NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING compared to how this one made me feel. If you are a widow, single, horny, whatever, go see this movie, or when it comes out on DVD and I give you my 1,000% guarantee that you will feel 100x times better and will feel desired, wanted, lusted after, and so much more!

Trav’s Conclusions …and ENJOY the Magic Down Below…

TPicsart 23 02 09 21 47 32 447hat’s the point of the film! That was Max’s point to Mike – she wanted him to make every woman as she claimed who walked into her theater, but I felt she wanted EVERY WOMAN …EVERYWHERE because of how disconnected she was from her own self –  feel the way that he made her feel when they first met. That Spark. That Magic. That Magic Mike, baby! 


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  1. Wowza! Sounds like a steamy one!!!! Whoop Whoop! I’ve only ever seen the very first one a very long time ago in theatre!! 😁. It was whew!!🤣

    (Totally didn’t see this posting) LOL!

    1. YES!!! THIS IS a steamy movie! I just cannot say it any more than I have ever said it in my review! This is an arousing and calieñte film! How in the world could you not see this review when I tweeted you and tagged you that I posted it?

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