Tonight With Trav Comedy 80 FOR BRADY – Can Demonstrate Powerful Unity At Any Age …Anytime!

80 FOR BRADY – Can Demonstrate Powerful Unity At Any Age …Anytime!

80 FOR BRADY – Can Demonstrate Powerful Unity At Any Age …Anytime! post thumbnail image

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What’s “80 For Brady” About?”

80 For Brady

A fictional account of four Senior friends (Sally Field, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, & Jane Fonda) who take a road trip to Houston to watch their hero, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots play in the Super Bowl LI.

80 For Brady

This is just another version at least to me like Waiting to Exhale, Girls Trip, or any film where a small group of lifelong friends go on a girl’s trip somewhere together. In this particular case when I saw something on one of the r ladies, I immediately knew why this trip was happening and the tragedy that was potentially going to follow and befall them. Titling the film 80 for Brady was so cute and adorable because all of the ladies were over or damn near close to it and were DEFINITELY for Tooooooommmm Brady! So, why not call the film 80 For Brady, right? I just felt that Sally Field and Lily Tomlin were kinda “too old” looking to be in the group of friends with Jane Fonda (we all know she always tries to look young as possible) and Rita Moreno. Moreno and Fonda did not look 80.

80 For Brady

Age Is Just A Number for Tom Brady!

Believe it or not, there are some elderly men and women who will tell you their age …and DO NOT EVEN LOOK IT! THAT right there is a gift and blessing! Our older generation has been around for years and that is why they are 80, 90, and even make it to 100 and at times older than that! So, there are parts in the film where the ladies place bets against younger people because for the obvious reason – the younger people automatically assume they will win because they are young and the old women they are betting up against are old and have no strength!

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Friendship & Football

Do you think they are right? Another great lesson to be learned from 80 For Brady is friendship – the pure love, devotion, care, and unconditional attention that these 4 ladies gave to each other is something that everyone spend a lifetime trying to find! It’s rare as hell to try and find just ONE true friend in this world, but to find 3 that love you unconditionally and when you are down they lift you up and comfort you? That is a wonderful feeling! NO!

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Lifelong Experiences Can Bring Motivation!

It’s actually a feeling that I can’t even describe to be brutally honest with you! When Lou made her plea to Tom Brady at Halftime …we all know something like that WOULD NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER happen in real life and we should never say never, but…nonetheless, it was still a moving speech. Do you believe that powerful words can move mountains and people? Can motivate and can turn things and situations around? Did Lou’s speech to Tom get to him?

Trav’s 100 For Brady Conclusions

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Watch 80 For Brady to find out because I’m not gonna tell you! The movie makes you laugh with Trish’s sexual energy from start to finish …Lou’s dedication to try new things and get in trouble with it…Betty’s hot and spicy new outlook on life and how she almost did it with a hot ______ at a party ….and finally Maura who just lived life fiercely! Which one of the above ladies will you try to have your life be like now if you are leading a bland life and want add a little bit of calieñte to it. As Guy Fieri, “how hot can YOU make it!” Life is only as HOTT as YOU make it! So, I will ask and l will ask and leave you with this one final time ….how hot do you want it? How hot do you wanna feel?


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