Tonight With Trav Horror KNOCK AT THE CABIN – Delivers A Powerful Sense of Urgency on the Apocalypse

KNOCK AT THE CABIN – Delivers A Powerful Sense of Urgency on the Apocalypse

KNOCK AT THE CABIN – Delivers A Powerful Sense of Urgency on the Apocalypse post thumbnail image

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What’s “Knock at the Cabin” About?


While vacationing, a girl (Kristen Cui) and her parents, Eric (Jonathan Groff) & Andrew (Ben Aldridge) are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse!

Trapped When There’s A Knock at the Cabin!

Being out in the wilderness in a cabin – and a secluded cabin at that …with your family in a nice cabin – and having four very mysterious strangers come and knock at your front door & tell you that you have the MOST crucial decision to make that you have ever had to make in your entire life and your decision could affect the entire world; what in the hell would you think – and do? I’ll admit to you that I had my doubts while watching the movie going back and forth; back and forth debating on whether or not these 4 strangers were playing a trick on this family in the cabin holding them hostage. Even though they really felt like they were not holding them hostage because they told them they were not going to hurt them, they still refused to let them go until they made a decision on what they had to choose and you will not believe what they had to make a choice on.

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A Cabin Door Knock …I Go A Runnin’

If you know M. Night Shyamalan, then you know how his warped mind operates! The questions that come up in the film can be very serious questions that can be related in real-life such as if you had to save a building full of strangers or – your own family. Whom would you save? Questions such as those. This was the only part of the entire film that kept ringing in my mind – NEVER out, only in because I never want to be placed in a position as this family was placed with having to decide between themselves or strangers.

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There Are Irreversible Consequences To YOUR Choices!!!

That is the lesson that I can pick up on from the film that life hands us some situations that where the consequences don’t always come out the way that we would always want them to, but there is always “the grand design” of the situation and that is what happens with Knock at the Cabin. At this Cabin, both Andrew and Eric had a very more than difficult choice to make & they both try to save each other because their love is so powerful and the love that they share for their daughter, Wen…. THEY ARE THE MOST PERFECT FAMILY!

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VERY Mysterious & Unexpected Life-Altering Surprises

I was really looking forward to this film and it did not disappoint at all! I was really impressed with what I saw. There were some murders ‘aka’ sacrifices as the 4 strangers calls them and yes, they were gory and not done fully on-screen, but it does set the tone for the film and goes with the plot of the film I must say. I won’t say that this is a scary movie if someone walked off the street and asked me because it is not. I would classify it as a suspense or a thriller. I was not scared, but I can see how other individuals could see it as being scary. But, to each their own.


Trav’s Leaving You With This Knock You SHOULD Answer! FOR SURE!!!

Another aspect of the film that I really loved was the fact that Wen was a really intellectual character in the film for a little girl for such a young age. Very bright. Very smart. I am so glad that the film opened up with her! If you do choose to see this movie, you will be on the edge of the seat and you will be wondering what will happen next; who will die next; will someone make the hard choice that they are required to make? There are a ton of questions that you will be asking yourselves as the film goes on and on…yes, an on! So, please accept this knock!

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  1. Yay! So glad you liked this one! I was wondering, cause I really wanna see this one in theatre! Love M.Night!!!

    1. Yeah, Amy! It was – or is rather hard to describe how I felt while watching this! Some of his films are sketchy like OLD, but this one was really insightful!

  2. Old was disappointing. Love the Village, Sixth sense, Lady in the water, LOVE Signs! He’s talented. I like Servant in Apple+ , too. Weird, but good weird.

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