Tonight With Trav Horror FEAR – is Consuming & Intoxicating – But WE Can Overcome THIS Film!

FEAR – is Consuming & Intoxicating – But WE Can Overcome THIS Film!

FEAR – is Consuming & Intoxicating – But WE Can Overcome THIS Film! post thumbnail image

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What’s “FEAR” About?


A much-needed getaway and a celebration weekend turns into a nightmare due to the contagious airborne threat.

FEAR. Will You SEE it? Will you FEEL it?

Fear! I fear that you will NOT want to keep reading further after you read this sentence because my deepest fear is that: YOU WILL STOP HERE AND WILL NOT PASS GO! Lol! Yes, this is a total and utter disaster! If I have said it once, I’ve said it twice, and even damn thrice – it takes so much to make a successful good horror film this day in age. I don’t know what can or needs to be; what attributes a Director or a cast needs to have; what needs to be constructed; what it takes because common sense and prayer. Maybe bring a Bible on set and pray? LOL! Each and every single time that I see advertisements for horror films where the captions read or say such things like this will be the best horror film of the year; mind-blowing; jaw-dropping, cannot sleep; wet in the bed; outlandish Supernatural film since Poltergeist, etc. NONE of those comments ring true for those type of horror films and all of that belongs was said about this film and I was not walking into this film with high expectations either.


FEAR Was A Total Waste of Filming Time

Truthfully, I think that I will feel like this about movies until the day I take my last breath on this Earth: if well-established actors are not in a movie and not saying that well-established do not make flops because they do; it is very unlikely that the film will be a success. I mean there are some films where there is one or two big actors in it, and it turns out to be a huge hit. It is always hit or miss. But this movie?

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A Few Chills – But You Can Forget About Thrills! There Are NONE!

A BIG MISS! Big!! Big!! Big!! There is a ton to fear about this movie – you should fear that the beginning does not match the end at all! You should be afraid that there are some gory kills, but that does even make a dent to me to salvage the pure insanity that I saw to even keep the film afloat. And if I start to drift to sleep in a horror film, then you KNOW it isn’t good or even worth it!

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FEAR Perplexes, Confuses, and Makes You Fall Asleep!

When the movie first comes on, there was another film that came to my mind, and do you know what it was? It was the Liam Neeson movie called, The Haunting. Do you remember that one? It came out in 1999 – and it was about how he took these 4 kids to a house that he believed to be haunted and he took them there under false pretenses because he was a psychologist and he wanted to study the reactions of fear. Really, FEAR is what he was piqued his interest. What causes it. Why does one’s heart rate elevate when someone gets scared.

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Trav’s Conclusions

The whole 9 yards. Everything! Every detail. Big and small. The only exception with this film was that the movie came on with a doctor talking like that of Liam Neeson, but no one ever spoke of him, or the doctor never was seen or spoke of again in the film. I was like what the hell. I cannot stand films that introduce characters like that and do not give them a proper exit. Why introduce them in the first place? The only thing that I can say good about this movie is that it has the Supernatural elements & the one MAIN element that any human being must have in order to survive any evil: STRENGTH and NOT to be weak. Besides that, nothing else good can be said about this movie! Sorry guys, but you know I speak the raw, NO spoilers, and uncensored truth! Always!


4 thoughts on “FEAR – is Consuming & Intoxicating – But WE Can Overcome THIS Film!”

  1. Very glad to read this as I had a very strong feeling just from the trailer alone this was going to be horrible. Glad you confirmed it so I don’t waste my time!! LOL! Thanks bro…

    1. Oh, heck yeah! That’s what brothers are here for! But, just like you gave me the benfit of the doubt in this here one – I still don’t wanna give u the benefit of the doubt still on …wait for it…remember, “Separation” back in ole say 2021? How you feel about FEAR is how WE both felt about that film, but concluded together, as brothers to say it was – decent. I still stick to my option of 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  2. Yeah, with so many things to see; thank you for this review b/c it already looked like one I would pass on! Sorry you wasted your ticket on this one! 🙄

    1. With being an A-Lister …its not like I am wasting my money since I am paying monthly for the membership. Remember I told u that?

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