Tonight With Trav Horror INFINITY POOL – Gives The Illusion of Relaxation – Enter this Mind-Blowing Place…

INFINITY POOL – Gives The Illusion of Relaxation – Enter this Mind-Blowing Place…

INFINITY POOL – Gives The Illusion of Relaxation – Enter this Mind-Blowing Place… post thumbnail image

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What’s “Infinity Pool” About?

Infinity Pool

James (Alexander Skarsgard) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are enjoying an all-inclusive beach vacation in the fictional accident exposes the resort’s perverse subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence, and surreal horrors!

Let’s Go Take A Dip In The Pool …the Infinity Pool!

 Infinity Pool is a film that I would not classify as Sci-Fi. I read online that it is indeed in that classification genre. I don’t understand – or see where it is. My assumption is that with people getting cloned and cloned and cloned all the damn time; that it where that part comes into play at – where the movie can be classified as a Science Fiction film, but overall, this is NOT a horror film. I say that it is a porn/erotica PLUS a perverted, and absolutely psychological thriller to me. And I feel bad saying thriller because nothing was really scary to me! Have you ever seen a movie before in your past and you think that it seemed good …but then as it progresses onwards, you get more deeply involved into it, but then you don’t know what the hell is going on and then you are 100% certain that as soon as its over you know that you will not be the only one who gets up out of your seat in the theater when the film is over and say out loud or even to yourself this phrase or something remotely similar to it: “what the hell just happened?”

Infinity Pool

Infinity Is Forever & So Is The Constant Time Loops

Well, yes, that happened to me and in this movie right here! That’s right folks! I could not keep up or differentiate what was fiction or even what was real! Mia Goth played her role and the slutty seductress really well. I mean it was evident that she wanted and had a thing for James! It seemed pretty clear to me from the start that she and her lover/husband were the ring leaders of whatever was going on. It seemed like I was watching The Grudge plus the Hostel films all over again to be brutally honest with you. Naming this movie, Infinity Pool. I don’t just believe it – why? What’s the point of that? Being in a pool of travesty all the time? Pool of blood?

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What Is “The Infinity Pool?”

The term “infinity pool” was used by Gabi but I still could not grasp the actual concept of it – or the actual meaning to be brutally honest with you. There were so many unanswered questions, and you know the part the just kills me about movies such as these? They leave you with so many unanswered questions and then when you go online to try to have a cleaner and better understanding of it all, they claim to write articles pieces to explain and break it all down and they suck at doing that and say that spoilers are involved and some of the spoilers are things that were not even shown in the movie like we have to use our impanation.

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Trav’s Ending Conclusions of an EMPTY Pool

Yes, that is true in movies that – MAKE DAMN SENSE! Movies like this DO NOT MAKE SENSE! In all conclusion though, I really did like certain parts of Infinity Pool because it was really insightful and I do appreciate psychological thrillers, but like I said this was not scary to me and it received very low scores on Rotten Tomatoes. For the most part, it kept me entertained and it was done on a low budget, but truth be told, it is films such as films like this that get a lot of accolades and nominations. Why? I will never be able to figure that out! Never ever!


2 thoughts on “INFINITY POOL – Gives The Illusion of Relaxation – Enter this Mind-Blowing Place…”

  1. Ha! Lol hate walking away with the “wth just happened” after a movie🤣. All fairness, I’ve never heard of it, so prob wouldn’t go see in the theatre. Sounds like from what you said, I should just wait till at home in my comfies. Thx Trav!

    1. Yeah – it should be seen in your undies and your comfies because a lot of nudity and genitals are shown in this movie. Like I said in my review – this film is horrid, erotica, just all over the place. It is one of those films where your mind is in a whirlwind! Goes around and around and around nonstop like a damn spiral! Good luck!!

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