Tonight With Trav Comedy DICKS: THE MUSICAL – Pretending to Suck …

DICKS: THE MUSICAL – Pretending to Suck …

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What’s “Dicks: The Musical” About?


A pair of business rivals (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson) discover that they’re identical twins and decide to swap places in an attempt to trick their divorced parents to get back together!


Two Dicks …Just Being Identical Twin Dicks!

Poster Funia10 33 03 25 10 2023 minCraig & Trevor were identical twin brothers and they were very ….unique to say the least. I would say that they wanted to be “the players.” You know men who have sex with various women, dress really well, have stellar careers, the lavish lifestyles, etc. But the way that they behaved just did not exhibit that type of behavior from either one of them because of their stupidity in their behavior and overall character. Titling the movie with the name of dicks like the writers of the film did was a genius movie because when some one is called – or seen as a dick, they are basically saying that they are stupid in nature and have no common sense and that is precisely what and who the brothers were in the film!


Wanting A Dick-Less Family

Poster Funia10 32 46 25 10 2023 minThe twins wanted their family to be together since they inadvertently found each other during a work meeting/collaboration. What does any kid want when their family is torn apart by the parents choosing to file for divorce? They want them to be reunited so that they can be a family again and even though theses two boys were all grown up and adults now – they never got the opportunity to grow up UNITED in that strong and unified family dynamic that they would have like to since each parent only got to take and raise one of the boys each. That is a part of the film that I never quite understood. Why? Why did that happen? It was never explained.


The Salesman v. The Salesman

Poster Funia10 33 18 25 10 2023 minI loved seeing and watching Megan Thee Stallion as the Boss of the Company portraying the role of Gloria. She really blew me away by the way she was telling Craig and Trevor that they were her TOP 2 Salesmen because those two brothers were always wanting to be “on top.” Hence, the reference does refer to them being on top of a different girl every night, etc. & such. Megan is a songwriter and rapper/musician in real life and she really nailed it on her solo when she sang her solo in the musical! I mean I could watch her part over and over and over again. While Craig and Trevor were trying effortlessly to try and reunite their parents, their work was suffering and then the twins became Gloria’s two bottom salesmen and she could NO longer depend on them because when they did not make her money, she felt that she did not need them anyone. When they make money …she makes money! Ya feels me on that?


Trickery on Dicks NEVER Works! Didn’t You Know That?

Poster Funia10 34 09 25 10 2023 minEvelyn & Harris were two complete dicks, and they raised morons as well. I assume that was the point. But, the one serious point of the movie was to show that children no matter who they are and where they are can still be a family even if their parents are not living together or married. Being a family does not mean that the parents have to be in perfect martial harmony or bliss – it, to me, means that everyone in that particular family unit can be accountable for their actions and be there for each other. That is the TRUE meaning and definition of family to me, in my eyes in my candid opinion. Would you agree with me – or not? Dicks …don’t you just love ’em?

4 thoughts on “DICKS: THE MUSICAL – Pretending to Suck …”

  1. Your review has me looking forward to seeing this movie. I’m a fan of Megan and look forward to seeing her play her role.

    1. Happy to hear my review didn’t “suck” and make me sound like a limp dick and gave you a hard on to see it! Stay moist!!! 😂😂😂

      And, Megan KILLS it in here esp. with her flying __________ that she keeps in her _______!!!!! I won’t spoil it for you!! 👍💋❤️

  2. Well the name certainly doesn’t give the meaning away! I had no idea what the movie was about. Thanks for the review Travis!

    1. You’re most welcome! It really wasn’t advertised as much as you’d think – but IF you need a feel good LOL laugh …trust me – THIS IS INE OF THOSE MOVIES THAT GETS THE JOB DONE!!!

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