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THE MARVELS – Travel to Unexpected Galaxies Unknown

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What’s “The Marvels” About?


Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) & Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), thus forcing them to work together to save the universe …BEFORE its too late!

The Power of Unity Brings One GRAND Opportunity!

20231112 122308 Image minCarol, Kamala, & Monica at first was NOT a team until they all use their collective powers individually and blasted into each other’s worlds and when that collision occured, that is when the Marvelous Marvels were born. The unity & Sisterhood that these three young and powerful ladies formed together in order to save the Universe was nothing short of a miracle. You know how many times we have heard out parents tell us that we have been put on this earth for a higher calling or purpose? Well, that is them telling us that we are special …gifted …wanted and needed. Maybe not to do work as Superheros, but we are superheros in our parents eyes because we have “powers” aka talents inside of us that they see we can use to help other people and that is what these three Marvels did throughout this movie and that is what defines a hero reguardless if you place the word, “super” in front of it or not. Do you agree?

Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel

20231112 122440 Image minKamala’s code name she picked for herself was – WAIT FOR IT ..Miss Marvel! And its very obvious as to why Kamala chose that name for herself – she idolizes Captain Marvel. I’m certain that we all have some famous celebrities, athlethes, etc. that we admire and would love to; IF we were ever afforded the chance to meet them. Would YOU …per se get star stuck if they were staring you in the face? Are YOU that type of person? Was Kamala you think? How do you think Captain Marvel felt when Kamala told her how she felt about her? Kamala’s parents were shocked with Captain Marvel landed in thier home unexpectidely due to the Marvels not knowing happens to them when they all use their powers because they were tangled together not realizing it!

Setting The Record Straight with Dar-Benn …Yet Again!!!

20231112 122414 Image minDar-Benn wanted her home restored from when Captain Marvel destroyed it in the first original 2019 film, “Captain Marvel.” I had NO idea that this was a DIRECT sequel to that film. There were flashbacks from the 2019 film, but I only associated that with it only being flashbacks pertaining to a certain scene in the film, cnadidly speaking. Dar-Benn was a character in the film that you could sit right off the bat was greedy for power and lots of it. She would do nay and everything in order to obtain the other half of the arm braclet to get enough power to ressurect her home, Hala. Have you ever met anyone who has so much fight, survival, and Spirit in them that thier tenacity will not allow them to accept defeat and bow out gracefully and accept that they have lost and been conquered? You can associate Superheros and the termonologies that go along with them to real life and real life scenarios if you stop and look @ the situation/s and make the very obvious comparions as I HAVE CLEARLY POINTED OUT FOR YOU IN THIS REVIEW.

The Conclusion of The Marvels

20231112 122428 Image minKamala was a Marvel that made the movie comical and then Carol as well as Monica bounced off of her humor and all 3 made the film a comedy in my eyes. Naturally, this was a action film and not based off of true events but none the less it was still a very highly enjoybale movie for me. And anohter little person that made the film funny as can be is that cat! Who would not wnant a cat that does what it did. I could call that a Cat-to-pus because when it opened up its mouth it looked like an octopus! The overall ppoint of The Marvels to me was all about redemption & banning together for one common goal – saving the Universe! If you need electrfying assistance in a flash & at the speed of light – call on The Marvels!

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  1. You know me lol. I was excited and thought it was a review of Madame Web (I might actually go see that one) but then realized it’s not it yet lol

    1. Amy –
      Go get glasses! You are on suspoension as my second in command! My title is in BOLD AND ALL CAPS that reads The Marvels! Where in the hell does it say any other title at girl?

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