Tonight With Trav Comedy FREELANCE – Personal Security Meets His Match With Dictator!

FREELANCE – Personal Security Meets His Match With Dictator!

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What’s “Freelance” About?

An ex-special forces operative (John Cena) takes a job to provide security for a journalist (Alison Brie) as she interviews a dictator (Juan Pablo Raba), but, a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, they are forced to escape into the jungle where they must survive! 


A Coup? Really!!!

Poster Funia10 27 40 25 10 2023 minOne can say that Freelance is all about Mason falling into a trap of a coup, really form one of his old retired Special Forces buddies being played by Christian Slater. He lures him to be a bodyguard to a journalist to interview a Dictator while there is a twist with this very unique situation unbeknowst to either Mason or Claire, the clueless journalist. It is always ironic when you have somone you claim is your friend and always has your best interersts at heart either stabs you in the back or omits details to have you do their dirty work for them that makes the sitaition a lot more -complicated. This movie is anything but complicated – I’d say its more …controversial and all about dictatorship and political democracry even though it is a comedy there are some real issues that lie underneath the humor in it all together.

Mason Needs A Change

Poster Funia10 27 13 25 10 2023 minMason begins the film as the Narrator and tells how he sees himself and he portrays himself ans anything but the family man who is a model husband and a fther and goes to a 9-5 job and repeats that process, but in fact that is exactly what he winds up doing and he resents himself for doing that due to what happens in the beginning of the film. His wife tells him that she is tired of him mopy and not looking satisfied with his life and maybe taking this security job is exaqctly what he needs to “find himself” again. While he and Claire on thier way with the President the coup occurs & that is when we begin to see Mason turn on his action-packed self and begin to show signs of life again! Has anything liek that ever happened to you? Do you eve find that you are not finding fullfiullment in what you are doing?

Freelance Security Detail Work

Poster Funia10 28 01 25 10 2023 minWith Mason doing this very huge favor for his friend, he has to rely on his tactics and skills in order to survive and find out if his enemeny is really his enemy. So, the movie is not really as predictable as you may think and that is how life it. People gossip and talk – which is why tabloids exist – to spread lies and rumors about celebrities whom are people just likeyou and I, but Mason was going on this trip as a favor to his old Special Forces friend knowing what was at steak, but not given all the perteinnet information, but at the same time went on what he was told and NOT on facts. He had to learn all that ON THE JOB.

Trav’s Conclusions

Poster Funia10 28 17 25 10 2023 minMy thing is this – if people start telling you things about people that you have not met, or even just met …do not go soely just on that; hearsay… get to knwo the person for yourself and make your assessments from thata nd from that point and not based on what others say because their opinions will not be completely baised and will most liekley be tainted. Freelance illustrates one thing – and that one thing is that takin an odd or odd jobs because you are not happy with your current one can land you in a deeper depression or state than you are currently in if you do not make an well0informed decsion. Freelance work is free work, but comes with a price. 

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