Tonight With Trav Horror FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S – Dreadfully Dead Nights Light Up!

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S – Dreadfully Dead Nights Light Up!

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S – Dreadfully Dead Nights Light Up! post thumbnail image

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What’s Five Nights @ Freddy’s About?


A troubled Security Guard, Mike Schmidt (Josh Hutcherson) begins working at Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza. During his first night on the job, he realizes that the night shift won’t be so easy to manage through. Pretty soon, he will unveil what actually happened at Freddy’s ….

Freddy’s Is A Place of Horror …or Fun?

Poster Funia10 23 35 25 10 2023 minYou might think that this is funny ..but if you stop to actually think about it, you will see that it is very alike and I can make this movie comparable to what I am about to compare it to. Chuck E. Cheese’s. Just think about it. I mean Chuck E. Cheese’s is a place where you can have fun, play all sorts of games, have pizza, and the animals there put on a show and sing and dance and are controlled just like in Freddy’s/ Am I right – or not? The only difference is at Chuck E. Cheese’s they are not killing innocent little children and coming to life and going all off the deep end and the rails.

Family. Is There Such A Thing As Saving Yourself?

Poster Funia10 24 05 25 10 2023 minMike was struggling – and struggling really hard with the loss and the abduction of his younger brother, Garrett and he never could get over that terrible loss from his childhood and it is like the old saying and story goes with evil entities …they use that weakness and vulnerability to latch onto you a nd use that “soft spot” of yours as a portal to torment you and go after what you love the most in order to get – WHAT THEY WANT! There are forces that roam this Earth looking for as they want to call them, victims – but being loved, kind, and nurturing does not make you a weak-minded person, and I detest that stereotype and personal that has been placed on people in the word who display these kind of characteristics!

Mr. William Afton

FreddyWho was this man? Did something ring off to you about him when he was first introduced as the Career Counselor when Mike first went to him about a job and finding out why his tenure on jobs did not last longer than a few months? Something just did not sit right with me about this character and perhaps you will get that same exact vibe as you watch the movie as well. I dunno. I guess that you will have to enter Freddy’s and see, now won’t we? But I will say that the death count in the movie is quite brutal to say that the animatronic animals were doing the killings. There is a major lesson to be lesson to be learned here from the movie & its simply this: be who YOU are, know who YOU are, and face YOUR fears …HEAD ON!

Closing Out The Night!!!

Freddy'sWith all that Mike & Abby had to face with each other personally trying to manage and mend their broken relationship …to Mike’s suffering with the loss of him not being able to save Garrett from when he was abducted when he was a child and living with that terrible childhood memory to never being able to hold down a job and be a responsible adult and feeling that he was not capable of taking care of his baby sister due to the fact of he was not able to protect Garrett and feeling responsible that the abduction was his fault until he found out the truth to what happened at Freddy’s …Mike really had a tough go at life, wouldn’t you say so? I really think that a sequel will be made – but the bigger question is …are YOU ready for more???

2 thoughts on “FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S – Dreadfully Dead Nights Light Up!”

  1. I saw the preview for this one, and it made me want to go see it! LOL!!! You didn’t waste any time getting the review out! Thanks for that!

    1. Did you think that this was any way similar to Chuck E. Chesse or the characters form Show Biz when we were little? Tell me that throught crossed your mind? It had to! And your are welcome! 🙂

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