Tonight With Trav Adventure “FALL” – Can Being Afraid Really Soar and Elevate You to New Heights?

“FALL” – Can Being Afraid Really Soar and Elevate You to New Heights?

“FALL” – Can Being Afraid Really Soar and Elevate You to New Heights? post thumbnail image

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Film Synopsis: Best friends, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower.


23793Trav’s Critique On “FALL” ➡️ Quite…the…”fall” I’d say. The movie had the appropriate name – NOT because of the height aspect of the film, but… how can I put this without giving anything away because as you very much well know – I don’t like to give any spoilers if I can help it and I give deep real life insight in each of my reviews. Uh, this is killing me not being able to express my thought/s to you in the manner in which I’d like to.


Without divulging anything, I will say that the term, fall, is very symbolic in this film with the 3 characters of Hunter, Becky, and Dan. These 3 are more than best friends – they are connected in a way where the name of this film bonds them for life if you can “catch” my drift. Can you? It all gets revealed once Becky and Hunter are stuck at the top of the radio tower.


I will say that once that part came up in the movie and they slept up there and then another day came and then another day came and eventually they realized no one was coming to rescue them, I was like, if that was me, I would have just kept thinking of a way to get down – like hell…think about it….I am stuck on the tippy top of a tower, we tried every way possible to get down, we failed, what the hell am I going to do?


Honestly, I am not that adventurous, and I would not ever attempt to do or climb something like that in the first place! When a person has to fall and reach rock bottom because of a certain situation, they tend to act like the character of Becky – feeling sorry for herself, miserable, not wanting to move on with her life, allowing her past to haunt her and not facing her fears. Our past is what defines us and what makes us embrace our future and make it what we want it to be.


That was the ONLY thing that her friend Hunter told her that was true! Becky was a weak little thing in Hunter’s eyes, but Hunter never said that out loud to her friend. Why do you suppose that is? Do you think that is being a loyal true friend? NOT telling your best friend what you think of them? Would you consider that adding fuel to fire if they are already drowning themselves in pity, alcohol, and other pity parties that they are throwing themselves?


Sure, this was a very low-budget film, but I had somewhat decent expectations to come along with Fall, but I was not let down – but there was a BIG TWIST at the end of the film that I did not see coming, but that twist IS NOT enough to sustain the film to be in the Top 5 for Opening Weekend! The film will fall just like Dan did in the beginning of the film and that is not a spoiler – that was in the trailer.


If you are looking for me to say that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched the movie, you’ll be waiting for quite a while because I wasn’t, actually. I was on the edge of my seat though for CERTAIN scenes for instance like any scene where the eagle was flying over them and trying to peck at them – yes! Was I on the edge of my seat when they were climbing the tower? YES IN DAMN DEED! THE ENTIRE TIME!

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It’s NOT really what you think! # TonightWithTrav

But once they got to the top, there was nothing to really be on the edge of my seat for. I mean yes, I am afraid of heights and having to watch a movie where they are up high like that was unusual for me, it did not have my nerves all in an uproar. So, if you wanna take a fall…. we have a limited amount of space…. come sit with us!


10 thoughts on ““FALL” – Can Being Afraid Really Soar and Elevate You to New Heights?”

  1. Love this review! I am kind of hanging in there with a “when it’s on HBO”.. I’ll watch. I have no desire to pay to see it lol curiosity level 2 out of 10. Like we’re the writers high (no pun intended) thinking up this movie??? Don’t get it lol

  2. I Thought It Was Just OK, Was Expecting Them To Try More Ways To Get Down, Also Is This Just Me Or That Was Too Violent For A PG-13 Rating, Like “The Bird Scene” Would Probably Scar Most 13 Year Olds.

    1. I really don’t know of any other ways for them to get down! I think they thought of literally everything! I don’t think I could have come up with anything else myself, really except to jump down and hope for the best, although at that height, the best is death. Yup, those birds attacking was kinda attacking my nerves!

  3. I seen this movie trailer and thought about going see it but I think I’ll patiently wait it out. It sounds good and I like how you effortlessly told me just enough. Thank you, as always great job 🙂

    1. I always do …I always do tell just enough. Isn’t there a song called, “Just Enough?” That should be my tagline! Just Enough! I give just enough to tease…but never enough to please! LOL!

  4. That Don’t Worry Darling movie! I really wanna see it!!! And def Smile. I’m always hoping they are as good as I’m hoping!! If my BF likes this Bodies lolol we are gonna have a chat lolol

    1. Oh, now I got ya. That looks like a dark & twisted thriller film like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but that was a true story, though! I really hope every movie I see is good, but like what I saw this past weekend, I really didn’t have high expectations set, so I wasn’t really let down. Yeah, your bestie might need her head opened up and examined by the psychatrist in “Get Out” if she liked ANYTHING about BODIES BODIES BODIES!!!

  5. 🤣🤣🤣. Yeah, she’s crazy… But the good kind. If she’s THAT kind of crazy, enjoying that movie, well have a chat lolol. I hate going to a movie and it sucks!!! It’s not exactly cheap, especially when you go as a date night!

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