Tonight With Trav Horror “BODIES BODIES BODIES” – Is Playing a Deadly Clue Game Just a Game!

“BODIES BODIES BODIES” – Is Playing a Deadly Clue Game Just a Game!

“BODIES BODIES BODIES” – Is Playing a Deadly Clue Game Just a Game! post thumbnail image

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Poster Funia12 38 26 24 07 2022Film Synopsis: When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game turns deadly in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong!!!

Trav’s Critique on “Bodies Bodies Bodies” ➡️ Um, yeah – everyone’s damn bodies should be sliced up and diced up! There should be NO more damn bodies, bodies, or bodies left once this ridiculous and foolish ass movie is over and done with. I am so glad that AMC came up with the A-List Membership program so that way I can see movies that I am curious about although my expectations were not that high for this film! This is something that is not even worthy of a damn firestick. Realistically, when the movie first am on, I thought it was a lesbian flick! Try not to get erotically stimulated once you see it if you get easily aroused!!!


I will be brutally honest, there were times on and off in the film where I thought something gruesome and surprising would happen …something did – but then I felt like what did happen was the start of something, but then I am saying to myself, “hello ….is that all? where is the rest? Is that it?” Do you see what I am saying? I will say this about Amandla Stenberg’s character – she was a total badass! Stenberg has really grown up and matured since the first film I saw her in where she was young, sweet, and innocent and that was The Hunger Games.


Besides Amandla, there was no other young actor in the film that I actually recognized, well besides Lee Pace from the Twilight movies. I felt like this film was made with $100 and shot with a really good cellular device. I kept thinking about the movie Promising Young Woman while watching the movie. Want to know why?


Well, in Promising Young Woman, the premise of the movie let audiences believe that the main protagonist was going to actually KILL all of the men who had anything to do with her best friend getting raped, assaulted, and killing herself when in actuality she did not whereas in this movie, the killings were actually done, but the manner in which they were done were rather – STUPID.


I am sorry, but is no other way to put it. I really want to tell you how it was done, but my motto is – NO SPOILERS! But, if you have read up to this point, I know you most likely will not see this movie; or you just might because you are sort of intrigued by films like this or you just like to see murdered blooded up bodies! I dunno! LOL!


I really can’t say anything more about the film except it was a total waste of time – if you want a movie to fall asleep to if you love going to the movies just to pay to go to sleep (which I think is just insane) THIS is the movie to do that in! Who knows? You just might find someone to play the bodies game with! I would STRONGLY advise against Redboxing, renting, watching, bootlegging, or anything.


Playing Scrabble would have been more fun! #TonightWithTrav

The only reason I gave the film a ONE star was because of the bloody kills because I love seeing gore and kills like that & such! I mean, come on – who doesn’t expect to come and see that kind of stuff in a horror film even though this was not 100% pure horror! Although this was not pure horror – this was 1,000% pure hell and NOT in a good way!

20 thoughts on ““BODIES BODIES BODIES” – Is Playing a Deadly Clue Game Just a Game!”

  1. It looks disappointing.. I haven’t heard about this movie yet. As soon as I read your comment, I felt how much you wanted to see something wonderful.. and all expectations collapsed..
    We haven’t seen any ads for him here👌🏻

  2. LMAO. Dumpster fire! Let’s get the marshmallows ! Ew just kidding.. Roasting over garbage 🤮 I never heard of this till Friday my bf was going to see it. I’m not a Pete Davidson fan. I can tolerate, hubby cannot lol. I’ll keep my purse filled for the good movies. Like The invitation! And … Darling! 🤣

    1. She won’t be your bestie for long if she sees this and comes back and tells you that she loved it! 🤮🤮🤮 Yes, U know I am excited about The Invitation – and esp. Smile. I think about The Joker when I see the trailer for Smile, though. What about darling???

  3. That Sucks Beacuse I Was Actually Very Excited For This! Also When You Said This Is The Movie To Sleep In You Forgot You Were Talking To Someone Who Saw Beast (Early Screening) And That Movie Is The Most Boring Movie Of All Time.

    1. What! Do NOT tell me that! I am seeing BEAST with my friend next week! I love Idris Elba! We might have a difference of opinion on that one – we will have to wait and see, but I’ll take BEAST or ANYTHING over this!

  4. I Will Say That The Action Is Great And Idris Elba Was Amazing As Always! I Hope Three Thousand Years Of Longing Delivers.

    1. All you have to do is to keep checking EVERY week on here for new posts in the “What’s Fresh” category from new postings. I hope to see more comments from you!

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