Tonight With Trav Adventure “VOYAGERS” – is Unconventional in a Good Way

“VOYAGERS” – is Unconventional in a Good Way

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Screenshot 20210706 235647 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: Voyagers. A crew of astronauts on a multi-generational mission descend into paranoia & madness, not knowing what is real or not! Can you only imagine being in this type of – mission or experiment, even? Would you consider the possibility that you were being manipulated…what would you do if and when you found out the truth, but there was no where you could go? Who would you tell? What could you do? How would you cope? You are literally trapped in space….


This movie was more than just kids figuring out what sex was and how to heighten their sexual pleasures and personal intimacies. When you watch the film, you might say to yourself that this is simply a film where it is all about kids having sex in outer space – but truth be told, it is so much more bigger than that. The film is about strength and will power if you stop and think deep and hard about it (no pun intended).
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There are so many lessons that were shown throughout the film. Granted, the kids discovered what “the blue” was doing to them – it was rather funny how they were acting towards the opposite sex, and how the other kids on board the ship were looking at them in such disbelief. I will be the first to admit that was funny. Now, let me speak on the lessons that I, as well as you could attain on this “voyage” with the kids. This was one wild voyage that I could not imagine being on. Could you? Really?
These are the pivotal points that I picked up on while watching the movie: (1) the kids had to learn how to adapt to a diverse amount of circumstances and situations -rapidly; (2) they had to grow up and become adults at a very young age; (3) they had to know what priorities are versus what a need was and knowing what boundaries are; (4) limitations and having self-control; (5) knowing right from wrong and who is deceiving you/who can be your ally and who is using you; & finally (6) preparing for your future/the next generation. These are all life lessons that we all ahve to lean and we do not need to be aboard a space ship to know and learn these most valuable lessons!
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Everything that I have just listed – aren’t all of these things that parents teach their children – well, try to teach them here on earth, now? The kids in this movie did NOT ask to be here; make NO mistake – they were made from part of an experiment and had NO parents. Do you wanna go on this voyage with the voyagers?
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Voyagers. A situation occurred on the ship that forced these voyagers to grow up and fend for themselves through everything that they had been taught from Richard which was the only father figure that they ever knew. He was their mother and their father on this voyage with them – the young voyagers. Voyagers! 
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The movie is centered strictly around this mysterious “blue” drink. This is my thought on that beverage: no one should be controlled and everyone should have the right to free agency. When you find out the reason why the voyagers had to drink the blue, you will come to the vast realization that people have to control their own impulses and not have a drink or a pill or anything control them – it should all come from inside; inside of them. 
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This film was not advertised enough, but I feel that it was still a very thought-provoking and great film where the young actors got to teach their own generation a lot of valuable information about life and how it can be compared to life today.
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“An average Sci-Fi film – nothing too great!”#TonightWithTrav

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