Tonight With Trav Horror THE NUN II – Valak Vows for Revenge to Avoid a Fiery Eternity of Hell

THE NUN II – Valak Vows for Revenge to Avoid a Fiery Eternity of Hell

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What’s “The Nun II” About?

It’s 1956; France. A Priest has been murdered. An evil is spreading. The sequel to the 2018 film – and to the worldwide smash hit follows Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as she once again comes face-to-face with Valak, the Demon Nun …

The Nun

The Nun Who’s Filled with Bloody Hate, Rage, and Pure Evil…

HoardingFrame1693705871971 minThe evil and Demon Nun, Valak is back – and she is back for more pleasure …and it is not the sweet kind. I am talking about that “sweet revenge and for demons and people that prey on the good and weak because they are so good and are basically “do-gooders,” those are the ones that need to watch out for evil entities and human beings because its people like that who will become your closest friends to get next to you to prey on those kind gestures and feelings to destroy you because they will use what they see you love and value the absolute most in your previous life to destroy you and get from you what they want; BELIEVE THAT if you do not believe anything else in life or about life!

Valak Compares to Evil Human Beings

HoardingFrame1693705898038 minEach and every time I watch a film where an evil entity attempts to try and take over a human Soul for its own benefit and use that innocent for its own nefarious purposes and exploits! That just sickens me, personally to death. Candidly speaking, people who exhibit unconditional love, sympathy, genuine care, and the qualities that other people look for in a good and kind-hearted person …when those types of individuals are called out for being weak-minded and not strong because they show more love then hate; I just get dumfounded and @ a total loss for words and do you know what saves in almost every Supernatural film when someone is possessed by evil? THOSE SAME EXACT QUALITIES! How ironic is that? And you hear it all the time in the movies when an exorcism is taking place – you hear phrases such as, “think back to the good times with your family, think about how much you love, how happy you were when, and a varied amount of other happy and loving moments.” WHY do you think that is? When you think of the Nun, Valak – use that Demon Nun as a template of the millions of people similar to her wanting to PURPOSELY INFLICT HARM AND NEGAITIVITY INTO YOUR WORLD, LIFE, AND THE HARMONY YOU HAVE CREATED for yourself. Do you want that in your life?

Sister Irene vs. Maurice vs. Valak

HoardingFrame1693705928413 minThere was a twist with Frenchie that might throw you off guard in the movie and truth be told, I was not really expecting to see him in the film because 5 years has passed since the FIRST film where he was introduced and I really had forgotten all about him, honestly like I said. LOL! But the Nun had a plan with him, and I am sure if you reflect back to the first film with that Nun, you can remember that she possessed him when he went to save Sister Irene! Do you think that she will be able to save him and return the favor and they both survive this …this time? In this Nun film, Valak is still possessing Maurice for a greater purpose and intends to dispose of him when she is done using him. How wrong is that and once again – isn’t that what so many people in the world do to others? Use them! They are total opportunist a& take advantage of a situation and others!

Trav’s Conclusions

HoardingFrame1693705953779 minAs you have read, I am sure that you can deduce that there are many similarities between Valak and people in the world today. Evil is evil and wrong is wrong and there is no other way to put it only this movie was based on true events, and it involves the Supernatural and possession whereas the real world does not involve the events as this movie does on a daily basis, but the lies, deceit, betrayal, and slew of other negative and evil acts MOST CERTAINLY DO OCCUR ON A DAILY BASIS IN THE WORLD and those are still unforgiveable acts that Valak used in the movie and that despicable use in the world today and, as a sad truth will use for eternity because world peace is only a myth and will never become a reality, but we as AMERICANS CAN ALWAYS AIM for that goal and strive to come as close to it as we possibly can!

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  1. Never saw The Nun, but the marketing for this was incredible. I find as I get older my horror watching days get less and less. I wonder if it’s b/ I see so much evil in the real world!?

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