Tonight With Trav Crime A HAUNTING IN VENICE – Requires Investigation and Murder Mayhem!

A HAUNTING IN VENICE – Requires Investigation and Murder Mayhem!

A HAUNTING IN VENICE – Requires Investigation and Murder Mayhem! post thumbnail image

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What’s “A Haunting in Venice” About?

In post-World War II Venice, Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), now retired and living in his own exile, reluctantly attends a séance. But when one of the guests is murdered, it is up to the former Detective to once again …uncover the killer!

Haunting In Venice

Poirot Is On The Case …Once Again

Picsart 23 09 05 22 57 59 751 minWhile this is the third movie in the Poirot movie series; first was Murder on the Orient Express, then second was Death on the Nile; and now we have this film, A Haunting in Venice …I feel that this particular film of Kenneth Branagh is more non-elusive as the prior two films because we can follow along and keep up in this one for the simple fact that he is even considered to be one of the murderers along with the vast majority of the suspects in the mansion that he visited with his friend. I cannot say that about the prior two films. Can you? To top that – a ghost was even considered to be a suspect as well! He had to certainly put and secure his detective hat on to solve this haunting in Venice …that’s for sure!!!

Are Those Close To Us Always Suspects???

Picsart 23 09 05 22 59 15 367 minI know that we have ALL heard that famous saying of “keep your friends close & your enemies even closer.” Do you personally believe that to reign true for you? Are you the type of individual that believes that a person you have known practically all of you entire life could get close to you, share their life with you, and then at the turn of a dime, just turn on you? If you answered yes, you are DEAD RIGHT TO ANSWER YES because it happens each and every single day. People can only pretend for so long until their true colors of who they really are come shining through really bright and loudly and that is what the Great Detective Hercule Poirot found out in this investigation. The movie showed what happens in every day life with people that we THINK we know when we let our guards down and unfortunately its a cruel and painful thing to do, but there is no other way to really know someone but to do that. I say, just do not divulge too much information to anyone that you meet until you have gotten a chance to really know them and even then, as I have stated …there is not length of time that can pass before you can predict if they have noble or indecent intentions with you and that is the disappoint truth to it.

A Haunting In Venice is Like Tennis

Picsart 23 09 05 23 00 17 849 minI say that this movie is comparable to tennis is because everyone is serving everyone to the Detective! Think about it; everyone is trying to shift the blame onto someone else so that the real culprit is not ousted. Right? That is the point of tennis to serve the ball and to keep hitting it to the other competitor until one cannot hit it any longer. That is all that is happening here. Everyone is doing the blame game on each other and in movies such as these – YOU have to be the Detective and try to decipher whose lying and who is telling the truth and just when you think you have it solved that person you suspect is either killed – or is not the killer! But, I will tell you this, the way the film ends is symbolic and the killer is NOT who you think it is; but will it be someone that you LEAST suspect or someone that you …HIGHLY suspect? The Haunting in Venice is a haunting that can conjure up a few scares, but nothing that will make you jump out of your seat.

Trav’s Haunting in Venice Closing Remarks

Picsart 23 09 05 22 57 29 090 minI felt as if I was playing Mystery or Clue when watching A Haunting in Venice. I always feel that way when I watch these movies to be brutally honest with you! So, sit back and enjoy watching a film that will twist you …turn you …and keep your eyes on the screen so that you do not miss a thing!

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