Tonight With Trav Action EXPEND4BLES – Corrupt Behavior … Can It Stay Concealed?

EXPEND4BLES – Corrupt Behavior … Can It Stay Concealed?

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What’s “EXPEND4BLES” About?


Armed with every weapon they can get their hands on, the Expendables are the world’s last line of defense and the team that gets called when all other options are off the table.

Are The Expend4bles ARE …Expendable?

Image 20230923 124038 minThey keep expanding don’t they? Have you ever noticed how many recruits Barney gets in each movie and then it is always a new Expendable? Think about how many actors have come and gone from these movies? We have seen Hemsworth, Cage, Snipes, Banderas, I mean there are so many more that I cannot even keep up and now to add 50 Cent and Megan Fox, You have GOT to be pretty damn desperate to have Megan Fox. 

Gina …What Is Her Role …or Purpose Even???

I swear to you that I could NOT keep aImage 20230923 124127 min straight face while watching EXPEND4BLES for the simple reason of one person – Megan Fox. Just because her last name is Fox …does NOT make her one or the most gorgeous woman in the Universe. I am sorry! I mean these are action movies and she was dressed in combat clothing, but she still found a way to make her clothing look sexy, attractive, seductive, and alluring along with her hair looking perfect, lip gloss on, and high steel-toe boots while every other woman on Barney’s team simply tied up their hair in some sort of form and sweat; got in there kicked but, etc. Megan never even broke out in a sweat; nothing. PATHETHIC! She should stay as a damn runway model. She makes me sick! That’s the honest truth about how I feel about her as a person and her character in the film and that is why she is NO longer allowed to do Transformer films – her attitude and it showed in this movie!

Shocking Twist – Very Expected!

Image 20230923 123929 minBarney and Lee always had that love/hate type of relationship but there was something that happened in the film with one of these major characters that tested that relationship and I think that you can guess what that could be, can’t you? In this twist, we find out how much loyalty really means to a fellow teammate and how far they are willing to go in order to save someone and salvage what they need to in order avenge one of their own. The EXPEND4BLES  do just that in order to help either Christmas or Barney in this massive endeavor that will force the team to face what they have been running from since the first original film.

Teamwork Makes The WHAT Work?

BImage 20230923 123703 minarney’s Dream work for the EXPEND4BLES, baby! Barney Ross has been in charge and the head of the Expendables since the creation and he chooses those among the Elite to be in his Crew and his team because he wants those whom are devoted, dedicated, and will FIGHT! Not physically – but mentally and with such brute force; always having the strong will to prevail and never give up; to have that strong tenacity and self-confidence within them. That is what Barney Ross all about and that is what he expects not only from his fellow team members, but it is what everyone should have inside of them already: THAT KIND OF INNER STRENGTH AND FIGHT!

Finding That EXPEND4BLES Inner-Strength Within YOU!!!

WImage 20230923 124009 minE all have it inside each and every single one us – now how each one of us can tap into it is something that only you personally and individually can answer for yourselves, but strength and power is in numbers and unity is something that has been around since the beginning of time and I know that you have heard that saying before. banding together as Barney’s team does solves a lot and you can get more accomplished that way working as a team rather than being a team of one or a team of none. What team would you like to be on?


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  1. Yikes! Definitely a distaster for Fox, I see. Still NO desire to see this movie, but a great review as always even if your bashing on Megan Fox …LOL

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