Tonight With Trav Horror IT LIVES INSIDE – Evil Entities Attempt To Tempt & Destroy You

IT LIVES INSIDE – Evil Entities Attempt To Tempt & Destroy You

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What’s “It Lives Inside” About?

It Lives Inside

An Indian-American teenager struggling with her cultural identity has a falling out with her former best friend and, in the process, unwittingly releases a demonic entity that grows stronger by feeding on her loneliness.

The Pishach … It Lives Inside …

HoardingFrame1695440911699 min Even though It Lives Inside is NOT based on any true events & circumstances- what I feel in my very candid opinion IS true is that of the Pishach and the religion of the family surrounding the families in the film. I say that because with each prospective religion, there are certain rituals, prayers, etc. that people partake in due to the religion that they choose to worship and believe in; therefore in this particular case – in this movie; some of the events, I feel were true …but to a certain extent. The Pishach was a dark evil Spirit that feeds on pain, loneliness, and feelings of that nature and that is what Sam was feeling due to the disappearance of her former best friend, Tamira. The Pishach could also shapeshift into other people to pray on your weaknesses. Sound familiar like any other Supernatural horror film to you?

Denying Who YOU Are & Your Heritage

HoardingFrame1695440882713 minSam’s mother tried with every fiber of her being to get her daughter, Sam to stop denying her culture, her religion, and who she was to no avail, but she could not get through to her. All Sam wanted to do was stay on her phone and hang out with her new cool best friend/s. When Tamira came to her needing her help with the evil Spirit that she had trapped, Sam thought hat she was toxic and just plan mad and then Tamira vanished without a trace! And isn’t that how it always plays out in the real world, too? What I am talking about is how it takes a tragedy or even a death to bring anyone or a group of people; families included together to find unity, love, and strength? Because this happened, that situation made Sam realize that her mother was right and she sought out for answers regarding Tamira’s odd behavior and her religion and started to believe and aimed to defeat the evil entity.

Saving Sam …Saves Tamira!!!

HoardingFrame1695440834003 minWhen Sam decided to step up & define who she was – and asked for her mother’s assistance and guidance into trying to figure out what happened to Tamira and another child previously to try and connect the dots and piece them all together …she knew that once she saved herself – that she would be able to save Tamira. That evil Spirit was aiming to kill anything and anyone that was willing and able to help her stop it because remember that it feeds on stopping light, love, and goodness. It wants evil; pure 100% evil because that is what it feeds on – all negative energies! It lives inside to torment, seduce, to tempt, and most importantly to weaken our Souls to make us think & believe that we are not strong enough to conquer anything and we are weak and defeated.

The Conclusions of It Lives Inside

HoardingFrame1695440932017 minMy overall remarks to the film will be just as what I would write to any horror esp. those that are equally equivalent to The Conjuring films because hose are based on TRUE and FACTUAL cases/investigations. Evil only exists to keep the balance of good and evil …BALANCED. Being truly good and saying that you NEVER have bad or evil thoughts would be a lie because there is NO way that any person that walks this Earth will NEVER say to anyone that they have never had an impure or negative though race through their mind. If they’re human, they have! But, have they acted on that impulse or though is the ONLY question that matters. Easy advice: choose the RIGHT path and you never have to detour …choose the WRONG path …you will be making U-turns and detouring for the rest of your life. Don’t let evil in. It lives inside …but whom does it live inside? It Lives Inside teaches that lesson if you watch closely enough….you’ll see!

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  1. That review was so intellectually stimulating. I had no desire to see this movie but now I think I might just have to.

  2. Nice review Trav!! This one has me interested for sure! Not sure if I’ll see in the theatre or wait till at home is available. 🤔

  3. Ok! Def trust you with that! Unless it’s a movie I’m hearing nothing but raves about, I’ll wait till streaming.

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