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What’s “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” About?


Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-people charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.

More of Spider-Man, Mr. Miles Morales

Spider-ManI always called this Spider-Man the aka Black Spider-Man. Do you? Miles is black… isn’t he? I mean his parents speak Spanish to him and I laugh every single damn time, but I am not so sure who or what I am laughing at; myself for continuously calling Miles “The black Spider-Man” or when Miles’ mother speaks Spanish to him. LOL! I can appreciate Miles wanting to be a hero and a protector. NOT everyone wants or needs someone to protect them and a kid deserves every right to be just that; a kid. No kid Miles’ age should be out there fighting crime and criminals! Wanting to be Superhero is different than actually being and turning into one.

Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker, & Miles Morales

Picsart 23 06 08 18 33 39 303 min jpg e1686268210588Where is life taking or leading Gwen? In the film she is just baffled by who she is – and what she has become and if she is a poisonous toxin that cannot keep love or friends in her love. Have any of you felt that way about yourselves? That you feel you ruin and destroy anything that crosses your path? Gwen felt that she should blame herself because she could not see the destructive path that Peter was on and that she did NOT see the warning signs that was right in front of her eyes! She wanted to stay close to Miles, but she felt the only way to show she cared for him was to leave him.

Choose The Right

Picsart 23 06 08 18 31 40 955 min jpg e1686268246721When Miles was faced with a very tough decision regarding a certain individual and the Spider-people attempted to stop him, he stood up for the ONLY choice that mattered. When you see or find out what that was – I am sure that you will agree. No one will just sit back and allow that to happen to someone who is important and vital in your life. Sure, this may be a cartoon film, but as I write in each, and every single one of my movie reviews – there IS INDEED a lesson to be attained and I think you are catching it now – RIGHT NOW! Making the obvious and right choices in life do not require thinking – JUST DO IT!

A Web of Deception Catches Up With YOU!

Picsart 23 06 08 18 33 18 181 min jpg e1686268281868Lies, deceit, and deception always catches up with you if you do any of these three and Gwen did all three, but for the wrong reasons! She felt they were for the right reasons, but she learned the hard way that they were wrong – and also that she went about protecting Miles all wrong. Her intentions were noble and good; but the way she went about it was incorrect because she was fueled by her emotions over what happened with Peter that she was thinking with emotions and reacting without thinking her plan through carefully, and methodically as she should have.

Spider-Man Gets…..

Picsart 23 06 08 18 32 47 703 min jpg e1686268320765Yes, what does Miles Morales get when the film goes off? Will we get to see more of him? Is his journey of saving and self-fulfillment over? What do you think? Is this the very end for him and Gwen? It never ceases to amaze me at how movies end and the ending that they choose that just either upsets the audiences, or upsets them! You’ll have to be the judge of that, now won’t you…. on the next Spider-Man!


4 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDERVERSE – Gets Trapped In Chaos!”

  1. Another very-well written review! And I love your comment about doing what is just, right, and obvious, and does NOT require thinking… just do it! And I have to say when I went into this hoping it would be good I never expected to leave thinking that this was one of THE BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIES I’ve ever seen. Very well written!! Great story!! Great Character arches!! And a perfect setup for third, and final Spider-Man: Beyond the spider-verse!

    1. Now…Now Brother,
      You should know better than this …to get “stuck” on final films or the endings. Look at how everyone we assumed was dead in the Fast franchise is coming back to life so mysteriously! Just because we hear or read that a film will make its last does not mean that it will be. I am still waiting for the next Venom film due to the after credit scene with Spider-Man, remember that?

  2. When you look at movies, then all of a sudden come out with a different perspective, or life lesson. To me that means, they did their job. You’ll have people who went to see the movie just because it’s spider man, then you’ll have people to go and check it out for what it is. This review was/is, a what it is type of review. Acting off of emotions will get a person burned, and by the review Gwen got burned often. Hopefully she learns from her choices and grows!

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