Tonight With Trav Comedy ABOUT MY FATHER – He’s Obnoxious & Look At Him To Definitely Shock Us!

ABOUT MY FATHER – He’s Obnoxious & Look At Him To Definitely Shock Us!

ABOUT MY FATHER – He’s Obnoxious & Look At Him To Definitely Shock Us! post thumbnail image

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What’s “About My Father” About?

About My Father

Sebastian (Sebastian Maniscalco) who is encouraged by his fiancée (Leslie Bibb) to bring his immigrant, hairdresser father, Salvo (Robert De Niro), to a weekend get-together with her super-rich and exceedingly eccentric family (Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, & David Rasche). The weekend develops into what can only be described as a culture clash, leaving Sebastian and Salvo to discover that the great thing about family is everything about family!

Having an In-Law Clash!!!

Picsart 23 06 06 10 29 57 661 min In “About My Father”, Salvo & Sebestain were like the family from “the Downtime” area where very obviously Sebastian’s girlfriend – and her family were from the highest “UPtown” area. I have watched so many films where a lower class working individual marries into a higher class family and vise versa; @ times it works out & at others – it simply doesn’t. Does it work this way in real life? I’ve NEVER personally encountered this type of situation …but its a pretty common sense answer. NOT all in-laws will see eye-to-eye. In Salvo’s situation, his father had the old way and style of thinking – and that is what scared him to death of meeting Ellie’s parents!

That OMG Line: About My Father

About My FatherSebastain – and no man, or woman wants to start the first sentence off with his future in-laws with let me tell you this first …about my father… That would frighten any person meeting their child’s romantic partner – like you are whispering something negative about your father or mother to them BEFORE they come up and introduce themselves to you. The persona of “being nice and fake” or putting on fronts in certain situations to fit in is just something I don’t believe in. If a person cannot be themselves; then they should not be – PERIOD. Salvo was himself; it was Sebastian who wasn’t if you take a close look at the film. Salvo wanted the very best for his son.

The Parent vs. THEE Parents

Picsart 23 06 06 10 28 26 317 minThere was a twist with Salvo, and with Ellie’s parents, Bill & Tigger. While Salvo was the very traditional parent raising Sebastian to work for everything to earn money and not have everything given to him on a silver spoon or platter and learn the meaning of the “hard work” and what responsibility is; not throwing money away on material things and such, etc. That is what Ellie and her family was all about so you could deduce that OPPOSITES IN FACT do attract and these 2 are a match made in heaven and Ellie taught Sebastian everything he felt he missed out on as a child. The shocker is Ellie wished her parents raised her like Salvo raised Sebastian!

Love Nor Affection CANNOT Be Faked or Purchased!

Picsart 23 06 06 10 28 26 317 minEllie was a painter & she was trying to get into the art world and get her feet wet and make a name for herself- and she had an art exhibit when the film first came on – she ran up to Sebastian with such excitement because someone had purchased ALL of her pieces!!! Whom would have done that for her if she is not an established artist? Who’d take that kind of a chance on her? When you have money like her family and now even Sebastian – the list is endless!

Trav’s Remarks on About My Father

Picsart 23 06 06 10 21 14 798 min“About My Father” teaches you that raising kids the harsh, cruel way as they see it my doing laundry, chores, homework, etc. makes you appreciate what you have and learn so much & become self-reliant and NOT to depend on others for anything! That is what Ellie admires the ABSOLUTE MOST about her Sebastian. Sure, she taught him games, took him to do things Salvo did not, and he spent money on things Salvo would NEVER have done, but did she corrupt his mind – or way of thinking? NO! She made him realize how good he had it …and he had it with it Dad! About My Father can teach any man who is a dad that there are a variety of parenting styles and NONE of them are perfect nor ideal! REMEBER THAT, Dads!

6 thoughts on “ABOUT MY FATHER – He’s Obnoxious & Look At Him To Definitely Shock Us!”

  1. I wanna see this! I love Robert DeNiro! I love these kind of movies!! Esp when R.D. is obnoxious! 🤣

  2. This one looks really cute!!! Lessons learned about life from Trav through his review! Love it!

    1. Awe – thank U. I kind of think of it as “Life Lessons from Joshua.” You talk about life MORE than anyone I know so I should call my movie, “All About My Joshy!” ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love your comment about saying love and affection cannot be purchased! And not knowing much about Sebastian; he was a very funny comedian, and did this movie very well. Especially the way he had the chemistry with DeNiro – that was spot on. And like you said, for him to realize by the end of the movie how well he truly had it with his dad especially that all fathers never have the perfect teaching, and never have the perfect parenting but they try their best and that’s what counts!

    1. Oh yes! I mean there are some children that do not have parents to say don’t do this or not and caution or advise them and I always strive for perfection in everything that I do because my parents always wanted me to excel and be the very best person that I can possibly be! Parenting styles vary from household to household …but one thing that does not change is the love. Kids may not see the way they are being raised as love – but they have it far more easier than that of their parents; they just don’t know it unless their parents tell it!

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