Tonight With Trav Horror THE BOOGEYMAN – Is Bold and Brazen In The Dark Searching For Its Next Mark!

THE BOOGEYMAN – Is Bold and Brazen In The Dark Searching For Its Next Mark!

THE BOOGEYMAN – Is Bold and Brazen In The Dark Searching For Its Next Mark! post thumbnail image

What’s “The Boogeyman” About?


Still reeling from the very tragic death of their mother, a teenage girl, Sadie (Sophie Thatcher), and her younger sister, Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair) find themselves plagued by a sadistic presence in their house and struggle to get their grieving father to pay attention before its too late!

The Boogeyman DOES Exist

Picsart 23 06 06 14 52 46 204 minWhen referring the very infamous Boogeyman, what can we really actually really say about him – or is this scary disfigured creature a her even? Do we really know? All that we know is that they choose to live in dark areas and spaces in children’s dark bedroom closets! But in this movie, we see that this is not a myth – and that the Boogeyman is actually real! What in the world would you do if you had the Boogeyman coming directly at you and there was nothing that you could do to stop him from swallowing you whole after you have exhausted every possible thing to banish him back to hell or where the hell ever it came from? 

Fighting For THE SURVIVAL of YOUR Soul!

Picsart 23 06 06 14 53 38 966 min jpg e1686186376288Fighting …to survive is one thing that Sadie, who was the youngest child did in the film! She slept with that big bright ball of light and she tried effortlessly to convince her therapist, her sister, and her father that there was an evil being of some sort living underneath her bed, tormenting her all throughout the house, etc. but did anyone believe her? NO! Why do you think that is? The same excuse of: kids have a vivid imagination or that is a coping mechanism of dealing with her mother’s death! Sadie’s fears came to fruition when Sadie and Will had their individual own encounters with the notorious creature!!! Evil always looks for the weak to attack and prey upon. 

Crazy Coincidences … I Think …NOT

Picsart 23 06 06 15 01 37 188 min jpg e1686186774897Just when the family wanted to chalk up the “strange occurrences” to something other than the Supernatural there was an unexpected guest wanting to see Dr. Will Harper and that was Lester Billings. Lester set the foundation for the film and was basically warning Will of the dreadful doom of what was to come but again, took him as a fraud and someone off his rocker. In the world today – there are individuals whom are really psychotic and some who say off the wall things and they do need further investigation – now how can a trained professional decipher between the 2- that is the million dollar question! What happened to Lester was horrific and the events in the film…..

Believe Me!! Believe Me!! Believe Me!!

Picsart 23 06 06 14 56 01 216 min jpg e1686187067635The movie certainly CAN make a believer out of a person who does not believe in the creature that has children make him up for more than century. Where this creature came from or who invented him up is beyond me, but the movie was very well done. It was scary and it did not have any off the wall things happen. There was some scenes in the film where I was caught off guard and I liked that because it kept me on my toes! If you wish and believe for something hard enough, it will eventually come true and for this family, they wished for the Boogeyman to go away – but did he – and 100% fully?

The Boogeyman Stays In The Dark

BoogeymanThe manner in which that the film concluded I felt was appropriate simply because it led audiences back to the beginning of the home of the creature in a symbolic type of way, but will it lead for a sequel for the film? So, in closing what I will leave you with is simply this …listen to your children and indulge them when they say check for monsters … just check, but make it fun for them and not add horror to it; make them feel loved, secure, and safe like you already do – just step it up an extra notch!


6 thoughts on “THE BOOGEYMAN – Is Bold and Brazen In The Dark Searching For Its Next Mark!”

  1. Oooh I can’t wait!!! I was soooo hoping it wouldn’t suck! So what grade would you give? Just curious? I need to get my son to go with me …IF he will! He’s NOT a fan of scary movies! LOL

  2. Seen the trailer! Doesn’t seem terrifying at all! But how you described this movie gives me every reason to get fearful at my local AMC theatre.
    There’re so many strange and bizarre encounters in the world! Some are full of deceit, with tons of lies and some are proven to be truthful!
    BOOGEYMAN seems to be in between?!! ….we just don’t know! Im looking to get spooked this weekend! Thanks Trav, for your honest review about this film! Nicely done.

    1. Thanks – you know a lot of people tell me that I convince them to watch or not watch films based solely on my words written in my reviews! That’s really cool, actually. I am actually not aiming to do that – I am intentionally writing form the heart and from my perspective., I guess that is a talent of mine – that I can prick at the hearts of people and persuade without even trying. Let me know if I was accurate after you watch! Good Luck!

  3. Could not agree more as far as it making a Believer out of you. Very impressive to take something from Stephen King and the producers of stranger things and if this was their birth child it was absolutely magnificent. It hit the right nerves like you said keeping you on the edge of your seat and it just had that Fear Factor / thrill keeping you tense throughout the whole movie and just giving you enough scare/fear factor to have you wanting to know what happens next!

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