Tonight With Trav Comedy THE BLACKENING – Has A Havoc Pack On A White Blitz Attack!

THE BLACKENING – Has A Havoc Pack On A White Blitz Attack!

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What’s “The Blackening” About?


Seven black friends who go away for the weekend only to find themselves trapped in a cabin with a killer who has a vendetta against them! Will their street and hood smarts and knowledge of horror help them to stay alive and survive the night? Probably not!

Setting The Foundation For My Review With The Overall Perspective From My Point of View

Picsart 23 06 12 12 25 26 846 minAs we ALL are aware – there is only ONE individual culprit responsible for the way our individual minds think & operate …that culprit is society. SOCIETY is comprised of a diverse amount of individuals very similar to social networking – ideally, it is very similar for the simple comparison that in social networking, individuals talk about various topics and what? Network and what is that called? SOCIETY! BAM! See the connection I made there. This is where I will transition into my review of the film. I can only deduce there may be some lash outs/controversy from individuals surrounding the movie strictly based on race, the excessive use of the “N” word used in the film, other ethnicities feeling uncomfortable with this film being made specifically for the Black culture, and/or other reasons. To be brutally honest, racism will NEVER end …it will only either be tolerated sadly or masked exceptionally well by someone with serious prejudices. I had to set the tone for the remainder of my review  by writing this FIRST and FOREMOST out of respect for YOU – and I thank you for proceeding IF you are in reading my thoughts on the film which are very positive and good. 

Black Characters in HORRORIC Places & Spaces

BlackWhy do black  actors the majority of the time have to die within the first 10 minutes of a scary movie? That is the million dollar question! I cannot answer that for you, but what I can answer will always lead you back to the above and first paragraph and the answer will ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME and that is society (NOT all people – only the ones who were swayed, convinced, brain-washed, or whatever the term you’d prefer to use to be prejudice or see things and life one way and not clear). With this movie, all of these  black friends were in a Cabin in the woods all alone when all of a sudden a mysterious masked man began torturing them with The Blackening Game – again …bringing it back to Society… their minds went directly to race with how they behaved saying that they would NOT call the police; when the WHITE police officer arrived to the Cabin and saw a group of black people, he reacted a “certain way” towards them. All of these examples are in deed freighting because they STILL do and sadly will always exist in the world. Why African Americans have such a bad stigma on them is totally beyond me and this movie may be a comedy, but it is one that brings to light everything that has been hidden in the dark for long enough!

Unity Brings Fourth Survival

Picsart 23 06 12 12 31 47 862 minThese friends fought for their survival! They fought effortlessly to stay alive while also very high on some drugs, too! LOL! Each and every single stereotypical behavior that you might have heard, witnessed for yourselves, or could even dream up about blacks was displayed on the Silver Screen in this movie right here. NO JOKE! I was laughing in my seat so hard at it. How could I not. Watching these friends stick together through one of the most scariest and darkest nights of their lives and literally watching death happen right in front of them – that deserves mad RESPECT! Unity. It counts. It is what matters. 

Picsart 23 06 12 12 23 36 094 minTrav’s Closing Remarks

I feel that certain movies are made and catered for African Americans, although any ethnicity has the free agency to see any film of their choosing. But, there are some, yes, some that speak to me that talk to me and invite me to watch them and this was one of them. We have a long way to go before we can even begin to heal this disgusting disease of injustice of individuals due to private and yes, some can be public racisms/injustices. Actress Grace Byers as a variety of you knew her from playing Anika Calhoun from ‘Empire’ was in the movie and she displayed the TRUE behavior of an 100% African American woman and how they are supposed to carry themselves although in the film her father was half Caucasian, but never stopped her from “speaking her Truth.” Lastly, a piece of advice: When I see an individual, me personally, I don’t see color, I see what I just wrote, I see an individual, but what they say to me next is going to alert me of WHAT TYPE of individual they are – the eyes, the ears, and the mouth. These 3 senses are miraculous if you use them to be an exceedingly good judge of character.

11 thoughts on “THE BLACKENING – Has A Havoc Pack On A White Blitz Attack!”

  1. I heard this movie was funny now you make me want to see it even more 😂😂 can’t wait to go to the theatre and see it this week

  2. Good review. Deeper than I expected but makes you see the message behind this comedy/horror. Thanks for posting!

    1. Larena,
      Oh absolutely – there is relevance here! And by here I certainly mean on my website and in this particular film. In any of my reviews that you or anyone elects to read, I aim to make a pivotal point to pull a major life lesson from the film that I am writing about. I feel that every film has some sort of value or underlying message behind it and this one spoke volumes to me loud and very clearly! Thank you for reading and understanding my perspective!

  3. What a well-written review dude!!! Thank you! You nailed it! I really wanna see this one! Looks like it’s written genu!inely Is that a word, even? LOL

  4. Great review Trav! Gotta be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to see this. Your review makes me want to see it ASAP! Love your perspective. Nicely done 👍

    1. Kev,
      Grateful for your comment – and the realness of your words/compliment! Yes, I actually try NOT to convince people who read any of my reviews to watch the films that I watched in order to review them. But, I DO …INDEED aim to prick @ the hearts of the people who read any of my reviews because I write with TRUTH and depth and hoping to touch people with my TRUTH and words. So, thank you for reading & writing and hope to see more comments from you in the future!!

  5. BEST remark was we don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into with this movie! I could not stop laughing. I wish they made more movies like this!! Also, you said it best – the disgusting disease of injustice needs to be changed. He said here, and think in 2023 that we still see racism is not only gut-wrenching, but pathetic, and extremely disappointing. But, if each, and every one of us were to even make some attempt to look at each and every one the way God views each and every one of us ….this world would be a tremendously different, and that’s an understatement!

    1. Very well said! Beyond great, Brandon! Thank you for the feedback and for agreeing with my take on it. I will concur that the film was funny, but it did raise up the one main issue that it was centered around and that was racism – there was NO possible way to get around or avoid that while watching the movie, sadly.

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