Tonight With Trav Action PLANE – Forces YOU to Feel Its Colossal Impacts & Brace For Destruction!

PLANE – Forces YOU to Feel Its Colossal Impacts & Brace For Destruction!

PLANE – Forces YOU to Feel Its Colossal Impacts & Brace For Destruction! post thumbnail image

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What’s “Plane” About?


A pilot (Gerard Butler) finds himself caught in a war zone after he’s forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm! 

Flying A Plane Can Be Explosive….

I’ve GOT to say that right off the bat before I even get into my review of the film. The movie was done on a very low budget of $25 million and so so total the film has only grossed $26 million, so in actuality he film has only made a total of $1 million dollars and has NOT even made a profit or exceeded its budget. It has NOT even made the money back that it took to even make the film. I’m saying all that to say this – when I first saw the trailer for the film, I really wasn’t that impressed, truthfully. Simply because a film has an A-List actor/s in it does not guarantee that the film will soar like a plane or be a Box Office Smash. When you think back on the movie Plane – what do you think about? Gerard Butler? Is that all? What is it about the movie that excited you? What drew or piqued your interest to see it?

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Great Attention to Detail & Plane is Somewhat Predictable!

I know what did it for me …and I will admit that it was Gerard Butler and it also was his co-star, Mike Colter. But besides those 2 actors – the writers tried to keep the film afloat by adding some very gruesome kills and very bloody imagery sequences throughout the film hoping that would sustain audiences, I suspect. Candidly speaking, I enjoyed seeing gory kills; quite frankly, I was not expecting that, and I was kind of shocked to see them happen the way that they did on-screen like that! So, in that regard, I will applaud the writers!

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Plane is Low-Budget – But It Soars When It Needs To

Butler’s character of Captain Brodie Torrance had only 2 missions: one was to save the passengers and that of his fellow co-pilot and the other was to get home to see his daughter and I was in total awe of that. To see the dedication that Captain Brodie Torrance had for 15 complete strangers and to do whatever he had to do in order to save and protect them was – phenomenal. He was even willing to risk seeing his own daughter to make sure these people that he had never even met, or laid eyes on before they even stepped foot on his plane got back home to their families. He was more worried and showing compassion for them than that for himself. What do you call a person like that? I would call that a hero …a legend … a Saint …and truly so much more!!! Wouldn’t you?

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Plane Fuels Up With Gerard Butler For Sure!!!

Also, Captain Torrance even trusted a convicted felon to assist him to getting to some sort of safety to contact someone to get a rescue team to them. I mean this movie may have been made with a low budget, but VERY powerful underlying messages about survival, love, strength, will-power, & strategy are all characteristics that are demonstrated and shown to the audience from this film. Just because a person is a convict does not necessarily mean that they aren’t reformed or cannot be of service. People should not automatically assume the worst of people if they are known criminals and are in a precarious situation and wind up needing to work together with them to get out of a “certain situation” as in this movie.


Trav’s Conclusions

That is the lesson to be learned here. Plane is such a thrilling aircraft that has the potential to be like so many other movies about airplanes that either get hijacked or run into complicated troubles such as this plane – but it was just not up to par with what I was expecting; that’s all.


6 thoughts on “PLANE – Forces YOU to Feel Its Colossal Impacts & Brace For Destruction!”

  1. Hello, sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, but I’ve been reading your reviews! Anyways, plane was a great movie. Way more action packed then I was expecting. 4/5.

    1. Hey buddy! How in the HELL have you been doing? I was wondering about you – and if you have been reading because you have not been commenting!!! Yes, this was a great film, but I felt that it could have been better and had a better cast as well!

  2. I’m so glad you went to review this one!!! He’s one of my favorites! It looks good! Action packed! I told hubby about it months ago and hubby said “of course he’s gonna try and save the day, that’s what he does”! I said “yup!” Lol. I loved the Olympus has fallen series…. I LOVED Greenland,a bit different hero-esque … Thx Travis!!

    1. You know that he did NOT try to save the day when he was the Phantom in the Opera, huh? Did you forget all about that? LOL! Maybe that was his turning point in his career to play the savior roles! Lol!

  3. Lmao!!! Yes. I forgot he did NOT in phantom lolol. I always forget about that and in Playing for Keeps🤣.

    1. Yup. Well, I am here to remind you of that little detail because you are getting too old and you are forgetting, Missy! Lol! Side note: Playing for Keeps is another film that he did down here by me in Nola as well!

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