Tonight With Trav Biographies OPPENHEIMER – Constructs Destructive Atomic Bombs That Last For Centuries

OPPENHEIMER – Constructs Destructive Atomic Bombs That Last For Centuries

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What’s “Oppenheimer” About?


The story of American scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

Picsart 23 07 21 23 27 27 111 minJ. Robert Oppenheimer: Who Is He?

Oppenheimer was a man of Science; that can be said about him IF nothing else could be said or written about him. He was called upon by the United States Government to create a bomb for mass destruction; a synchronized weapon that can give people the absolute power to destroy themselves just as his mentor told him would happen …INDEED did happen. But, Robert, being a man, like any and every other man in the world, was not only a brilliant Scientist, was a human being and fell prey to women; that was one of his fatal flaws and weakness. Kitty Oppenheimer was his wife and his strength …but she wasn’t enough in some rare cases where love just wasn’t enough for the eminent Scientist.

Picsart 23 07 21 23 26 48 531 minJean Tatlock vs. Kitty Oppenheimer

Robert found love with Jean in his younger years – they had a love/hate sort of relationship that is kind of complicated to explain, but if you watch the film and examine closely Jean’s words and actions towards Robert, you will soon realize that the kind of bond that they shared goes deeper than the physical …it was mental and deeper seeing as Jean relied on Robert far more than either one of them realized before it was too late. These types of relationships are NEVER healthy for either individual. We see both Kitty & Robert becoming very intimate and then Jean pushes him away, but then calls him each nd every time she needs him/ Why? Why DO YOU THINK THAT IS? And what does Robert do? He answers her calls …each and every single time even when he meets Kitty and eventually marries her and begins a family with her – he still continues to see and has relations with Jean until something devastating occurs!

Picsart 23 07 21 23 26 24 009 minLewis Strauss & Sabotage

Unbelievable what Strauss did just because he assumed – yes ASSUMED Robert was talking to Albert Einstein about him. See what assumptions can do and why people say what the first three letters in assumptions spell out when they tell you that is what you make of yourself when you assume? You make an ass out of yourself! Karma and revenge are two ugly and nasty things when done for selfish reasons especially when you do not have all the facts! Lewis Strauss did everything in his power to hurt Robert and Kitty was trying to tell him to fight and not to be powerless and to prevail; but her just had his own reasons for doing what he did as it pertains to the trail that he was under because of Strauss’ actions.

Picsart 23 07 21 23 28 00 984 minTrav’s Oppenheimer Ending Conclusions

The movie was very long as Titanic and when people ask me have I seen the film, I say to them yes, I have seen the newer & more updated version of Titanic! Lol! In conclusion, the film was very enjoyable because it was a true story and it was a history lesson. Watching a film that Christopher Nolan directed that was outside a Batman film was rather …I’d say different to watch, but it still captured me and I know that it had to capture millions of other audiences across the Country who sat there in movie seats for three hours to watch it. CILLIAN MURPHY AND EMILY BLUNT REALLY DESERVE TO GET NOMINATED FOR THE PERFOEMNACES IN THE FILM AND I HOPE THAT THIS FILM WINS BEST PICTURE FOR THE 2024 OSCARS AND IT GETS A LOT OF RECOGNITION BECAUSE EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT DESERVES IT!


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  1. I’m glad you liked it! I’m gonna try to see this in the theatre. I’ve heard nothing but good things! I love both lead stars! Def sounds like a fun film that will educate me as well!

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