Tonight With Trav Biographies “THE WOMAN KING” – Nanisca Is More Than Fierce – She Is Essential to Dahomey!

“THE WOMAN KING” – Nanisca Is More Than Fierce – She Is Essential to Dahomey!

“THE WOMAN KING” – Nanisca Is More Than Fierce – She Is Essential to Dahomey! post thumbnail image

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Woman King

img 531Film Synopsis: A historical epic inspired by the true events that happened in The Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa, in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Trav’s Critique On “THE WOMAN KING” ➡️I’m actually staring at my laptop screen right now as I am thinking about what to write about The Woman King. What to write about Viola Davis’ performance as General Nanisca. What to write about …everything. I have ONE great line to say about Viola Davis that I think any that will read my review will 100% agree with – and it is this: we ALL saw the Queen, Viola Davis be the Woman King!


If you’ve got a little smile on your face; or even a smirk right now – it’s warranted! I have had chills and actually premonitions about this movie receiving the PROPER notoriety that it is due, and it is NOT because it is based on true events. Well, that is not entirely true. There is ONE factual true event that I must base it on – and that is: getting the recognition that Viola Davis has NEVER stopped fighting for – the equality for African American actors; both males and females. I don’t think that anyone will ever forget her speech that she made at the 2017 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress. I truly believe that when she was fighting in the Woman King, she was fighting for ALL of the African Americans in the world who have been fighting and struggling in this world.


She is truly influential individual that I will always look up to, admire, respect. She is a leading actress in my book and in any category. If I ever had an opportunity to meet her in person, I think that I would just be in awe and total amazement that I would stand in front of her, grab her hands and simply say, thank you. Thank you for uplifting me with your words, your films, in particular, The Woman King, your actions. You truly embody an individual with grace, style, and individuality because there is no one else like you who speaks her truth, knows who she is, and what she wants, and prevails. No matter what obstacles may come your way – you overcome them and keep fighting.


Everything that I have just said – I have talked about the character that she played in The Woman King. Her character, Nanisca was strong, powerful, deserving for greatness, overcame obstacles, fought for what was right, believed in herself. Who else does that sound like? Yes, Viola Davis!!! No wonder she was picked for the lead role in this film! I just know this film will get many nominations and so will Viola. Even if she does not win any awards or Oscars – just the fact that her work in this film is recognized and the fact that she is more than a master at her skilled craft is gratitude enough for me!


There is a line in the film where Nanisca says to Nawi: “to be a warrior, you must kill your tears.” Do YOU personally believe that? Do you see that as a sign of weakness? There is another line in the film that sticks with me. Izogie tells Nawi: “you are stronger than you even know and points to her heart -then tells her not to let anyone take that power away from you because love makes you weak.” Again, I ask YOU – do you believe that? Personally speaking, every person is different, but logic and reason go out of the window when love gets involved. In some instances, love can heal and save others whereas on the flip side of that coin, love can destroy because if Izogie told Nawi that – love must have had a negative impact on her? Correct?


On the remark that Nanisca made about being a great warrior & killing your tears – I believe that is partially true. Of course, no one should never cry in battle or show any sign of weakness. That is the NUMBER ONE rule, but once you are alone and in the company of your fellow sisters as Nawi was, it is alright to be vulnerable and speak your truth. Having strength is something that a person has to learn and develop over time; it takes both physical and mental endurance – it does not happen overnight.


There are a lot of factors that come into play and discipline is something that is definitely needed in order to have strength. There are always times and places to show your strength and your plan. You should NEVER let your opponent see any sign of weakness on your part and that includes your tears or fears even if you are nervous about anything. Nanisca was 1,000% right on that when she told Nawi that. It is better to be honest than to lie and sugarcoat things.


“To Be A Warrior …You Must Kill Your Tears.” #TonightWithTrav

If you are going to be real; be real ALL of the time and NOT some of the time! All Hail to The Woman King!! The Woman King!! Viola Davis is The Woman King!! There are some very raw and emotional scenes in the film that will have your crying and/or sobbing; there are a few scenes where you might want to clap and give a standing ovation; there are just a diverse number of scenes in the entire film that just pricks at you! I won’t even lie to you! All in all, the film is fierce! I love The Woman King! 


12 thoughts on ““THE WOMAN KING” – Nanisca Is More Than Fierce – She Is Essential to Dahomey!”

  1. So, I have not been to the theaters since the pandemic. What a way to get back at it! I’ve to say it’s like going to the movies for the first time, I will always remember my first time at the movies since the pandemic. “Woman King” was absolutely amazing. It was breath-taking; it did not have any hidden agendas or innuendos. It told the story of the people of that time. Old warriors; new warriors. Love can make you weak, but mostly when you have to care for someone it can affect your judgment how you think, and act. When Nanisca knew who Nawi was she disobeyed an order, and went back for her and the others. There was pain, courage, revenge, and restoration. When she told Nawi that she was not the cause of her pain it spoke volumes. Many people are suffering because they never hear those words. Great Movie!! Bring tissue even if your not a cryer. I’m a crybaby, and didn’t have a tissue in site! Great review Travis ✌🏾🌻🌻

    1. Wonderfully said, Momma Bear – but next time…try not to give away any details in the film in your comments. LOL. I know you tried to keep it vague, but people could catch on – but you did make very valid points! That’s why I try to link a very crucial message to ALL of my reviews to prick @ the hearts of my readers! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. So this film is being produced by the company my friend works for and it’s already receiving buzz! Viola is amazing from that moment I saw her in Doubt I knew she was gonna be a powerhouse performer! I am looking foward to seeing her in this film! Beautifully recommended Trav!

  3. I could not agree more with you! Absolute chills throughout that movie!! So much riveting wonder, and amazement!⭐️⭐️⭐️ You cannot look away from the screen. Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with. It absolutely left me in awe. And like you said that movie will stay with you for a long time!

  4. Bravo for giving Ms. Davis her flowers!!! Brilliant way to correlate the person, and the movie. Hopefully this movie gives her some more prestigious awards! The killing of tears quote is “top tier” – there is NO other way to put it; and the love quote like you say – that can go either way good, or bad; just up to the person; on what’s worth fighting for. Glad you enjoyed the movie, T! Most DEF a must see!!

    1. I appreciate your TOP TIER remarks, Jerry! They mean a lot to me! I agree with you about Viola getting even more recogntion than she has already recieved in the past! This film should not only enhance her rank, but truly make all actors and entertainers in the industry she is fighting for one thing: equality for all.

  5. I loved the tribute to Viola. That really hit me; especially when you mentioned her speech. That speech means a lot to me; hearing that as a 17 y/o who didn’t really know what to do after high school, and was afraid to dream too much – that was a revelation. It affirmed my purpose. Also, this is written with a lot of heart, and I could feel you really meant everything you said just by the way you started. Simplistic and real!!! I loved that! Loved that you quoted the film to serve your points, though I had to skip some parts because I felt they were a bit too detailed because I have yet to see the film. But overall, great review! I am glad you had a great time! Keep thriving Sir !!!

    1. I LOVE your tribute to me in your comment! I’m shaking – getting chills all over my body right now replying to you! It humbles me so much when people tell me what you have! It really does! Why haven’t you taken the time to watch the film yet, if I may ask? And to say I wrote my review with a lot of heart is a very accurate statement; I do that with ALL of my reviews actually – no matter the genre. I want each & every single person to grasp the focal point of my review that they’re reading & that’s this: there’s a crucial underlying messaging in each and every single one of them! 👌

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