Tonight With Trav Horror COBWEB – Leaves Startling Sticky Residue Just …For …YOU!

COBWEB – Leaves Startling Sticky Residue Just …For …YOU!

COBWEB – Leaves Startling Sticky Residue Just …For …YOU! post thumbnail image

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What’s “COBWEB” About?


Horror strikes when an eight-year-old boy named Peter (Woody Norman) tries to investigate the mysterious knocking noises that are coming from inside the walls of his house and a dark secret that his sinister parents (Lizzy Caplan & Antony Starr) kept hidden from him! 

Dark Entities …or Satanic Siblings?

1689999222878 minPeter was a child that was bullied in school by the other kids and not a very popular young man and from the moment that the movie began; something just did not sit right with me as it pertained to his family dynamic surrounding his mother and father. I began questioning his upbringing and questioning if his parents were REALLY in fact his biological mother & father. Seeing the cobweb all around the house gave off this sense of eeriness that could creep out just about anyone including myself ….but that’s the thing with horror films – the tone has to be set just right and I knew that there was more to the story…and indeed there was …there really was….

Fighting The Noises in the Night

1689999253945 minEvery scary movie has to have those dark elements that give audiences those feelings of anxiety and worry that something traumatic is about to happen …right? Well, with this one those feelings happened more so when Peter’s substitute teacher, Ms. Devine showed up to his home to express concern to his parents about his expressing himself in art class about his not being able to sleep during the night due to the noises coming from inside the walls! The film, Cobweb had the potential to be a great film; most likely one that has already been made; but once again a film that is not advertised as much almost half of the time winds up low on the pole at the Box Office and that is exactly what happened with this Cobweb of a film.

Cobweb Defined

1689999266335 minI feel that Peter’s life was nothing but one deceitful lie after the other. His parents chronically lied to face about everything making him believe what? Lies! Lied to him making him think the noises were all in his head when in face there was a logical and totally valid reason for what he was hearing and also experiencing; once he found the true source of the noises …he discovered why the noises was happening and the entity responsible for the noises and their cries and pleas for help was also what? ONE BIG FAT LIE! So, there fore cobweb is the ideal and absolutely perfect name for this film, because young Peter became a young & intelligent adult in a split second taking care of everything and everyone who lied to him and surviving this horrific ordeal that happened to him this becoming a man from what he once was at the start of the film …being seen as a shy and timid coward. He stood up for himself and got out of “the web of untruths” that he was living deeply in. Now, he is free!

Caught …in a Cobweb of Lies… The End…

1689999208737 minI’m certain @ one point or another in all of our lives that we’ve encountered some untruths that we or someone else that we have known could take back, but when we told these lies we tried to believe them ourselves because we felt, at the moment in time that telling them was for the greater good or valid. In Peter’s case, one thing was true that I could say for his parents lying to him about what was in the walls; that lie was FOR HIS OWN GOOD and everything else was a lie and that one lie that they told Peter does NOT outweigh everything else that they did to that little boy. That’s the funny thing about lies – once you get tangled up in them; you have to keep it going and remember the lie to keep your story straight and accurate. Is that the type of person you want to be known as or be – a liar?

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  1. Another one I haven’t heard of! I love Lizzy Kaplan! Looks like a movie I’d like!

    P.S. -I do like the black and white page text for some reason. Sometimes the colored text messes with my eye balls! Lol! But, I need new glasses, too! LOL

    1. @Amy – Thank you. It is not completely BLACK. I have it set on dark mode. I do not particularly like the classic white mode and all about change. I like Lizzy too, but this movie is one that you can save for the box. The Redbox. Lol

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