Tonight With Trav Horror TALK TO ME – Is Ironclad Proof – NO Talking!”

TALK TO ME – Is Ironclad Proof – NO Talking!”

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What’s “Talk to Me” About?

Talk to Me

When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an enabled hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far & unleashes terrifying Supernatural forces!

They Like You!

Picsart 23 07 28 23 33 54 771 minI think that the actress’ portrayal of Mia was very good, actually. She could have used a better wardrobe adjustment. All of her clothes looked like they were from the Goodwill. The storyline had some holes in it that was rather incomplete and very difficult for me to fully understand how Mia’s mother die – what was the real tragic story there and why it was never really told. What happened? I felt as if I was re-watching one of Jordan Peele’s epic mind-confusing blowing out of this world films! LOL! But, watch out when you say …talk to me! Mia’s facial expressions and the way that she behaved when she was an entity was inhabiting her body was …UNREAL! That was kind of creepy! I was looking forward to seeing the movie and it did not disappoint, but it was taking too long to get to a good part. So, yes, it was rather slow in that regard.

Talk to Me

Talk to MeThe entire plot of the movie, I rather enjoyed. No lie. A hand that has psychic powers and the fact that you only should hold onto it for NO longer than 90 seconds and you get to be possessed by any dead person’s Spirit. I said, I liked the concept of that in a film and NOT ME ACTUALLY TRYING TO DO THAT IN IN REAL LIFE! I WANT TO MAKE THAT 1,000% CRYSTAL CLEAR! Lol. I would NEVER attempt that. I do believe in the Supernatural and that there are forces and magic out there that we cannot see or hear, but DO exist. Do you? Would you dare to fool with that? Would you invite an evil Spirit to talk to …YOU? Would you tell it talk to me? Inviting or even for that matter inhabiting something or someone inside of your body form the Spirit realm or the ghostly plane is nothing to be playing around with and that is why they have Paranormal Investigators and licensed professionals for exorcisms and such things in regards to this – but a bunch of high school kids?

High School Hands vs. Death Hands

Picsart 23 07 28 23 33 07 856 minDo you really think they will be in the right frame of mind to think rational and make rational decision before reacting? NO. They will. But, they will when it is too late – and that’s the said part about the film and about life in general. People tend to realize what they have done when the irreversible consequences come back to haunt them and then they want to cry ,and call out to God and everyone for immediate assistance, but once they are having fun, they are not thinking about God, the consequences, etc. All they are thinking about is drinking, booze, partying, getting high, loaded, etc. Talk to Me can show anyone who chooses to watch the film that actions have very serious and lethal consequences! Some of which you cannot take back nor can you fix. What do you think will happen to Mia? Will she be able to save Riley in time. Riley is the consequence that she has to face and live with all because of someone that was personal to her that came from Riley’s touching the hand and letting his possession go on for LONGER than 90 seconds!

Free Agency & Manipulation

Picsart 23 07 28 23 34 56 439 minWe all have a gift called – free agency and once Mia made a choice …it affected lives. TWO very important lives. She had to try to find a way to rectify and salvage her relationship with the two people she hurt deeply because of her actions for her own personal gain – and to save Riley without losing herself in the process. HOW …how in the world do you think one teenage girl can figure out a way to do that all on her own?


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