Tonight With Trav Comedy MOVING ON – Oh, How Sweet Revenge Truly Tastes…

MOVING ON – Oh, How Sweet Revenge Truly Tastes…

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What’s “Moving On” About?

Moving On

Two old friends (Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin) reconnect at a funeral and decide to revenge on the widower who messed with them decades before!

Where’s the “How-to Guide” on Moving On?

When people use the term, “moving on” – it can be used in so many ways – but in this particular case in this film, the main character played by Jane Fonda has a very hard time moving on from the ordeal that happened to her while in College. It is very evident what happened to her as the film progresses onward with the cues that are given to us. Well, at least to me, it is obvious that the experience was an sexual assault in nature and you do not get to see that in a 2-3 minute trailer that was shown in theatres. This was a limited release film and it was not released in every nationwide movie theater. Jane Fonda really is ageing and I was really shocked at how she looked because seeing her with gray hair was a shock to my system- TOTALLY!

Moving On

Jane Fonda Moves On With A Little Less Tact and Grace

Fonda is well-known in the Entertainment Industry as an actress who is very attractive and sexual in nature and if I were to see her in a role opposite of that, I would be in shock. Returning back to my thoughts on the film, I felt it was very low budget and a comedy, but what happened to Claire was not very amusing, but the writing team of the film made it look as if it was very comical with Claire trying to kill or want to kill her attempted abuser, Howard. How can anyone really and truly move on from an attack such as what Claire endured. I felt that the film should have been MORE serious and conveyed a more serious message. The way that Claire went about wanting to kill Howard was more comical than serious.

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Evelyn vs. Claire: A Difference Between Night and Day!

And you will get to see that when everyone is in the park when Claire gets to have her chance with her weapon of choice. Now, Claire’s best friend, Evelyn – she was a hardcore, having NO filter, spoke her mind type of gal. She had a surprise for us — well her character! The movie was satisfactory. I mean, I would like to say enjoyable, but it is nothing to go out and rush for! I mean you can rush out for Jane Fonda IF you are a huge fan of hers of course! I mean who isn’t?!?! Like I said, in this movie, you can chronically ask yourselves the same question using the same question, “how can you move on from this? How can you move on from that?” How difficult is moving on, really? The characters in this movie each are moving on from something when you look at it from their perspectives, ideally.

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Trav’s Conclusions

Each and every single one of the circumstances that surrounded each of the characters in this movie was huge for them to overcome and deal with and in  life, it is very much true that some ordeals are so traumatic that, it is true, a person CAN accept what happened to them, accept that it happened to them, and try to move on with their lives as best as they possibly can. That is what this film teaches us and anyone who chooses to watch it. That is a very valuable life lesson that we all should have learned by now in life. Protecting ourselves and our lives in every way humanly possible is the only way to survive this harsh, cruel world because there are vultures circling around waiting and lying in wait and we have to do our very best to stay vigilant and prevent any and all attacks whether they be physical – or even yes, I dare to say it emotional, because BOTH can leave ever lasting scars. So, moving on is not just moving on – it is pressing forward with a purpose! Remember that!! Always!!

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  1. Def sounds more of a drama then a comedy for sure! I’ll prob wait for this one to stream. I’m super curious now, thank you you Trav!! Thank you for what you do and glad you’re feeling better♥️

    1. Thank ya Amy – so sorry for the late reply. Girl, do you know that I am so behind on reviews – you are the only one who really gives a damn and replies. I have been thinking that I might give up my website and stop putting in all the effort in decorating and writing reviews because I have been doing it for years and nothing is happening with it. But I DO DO DO appreciate you! Always!!

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