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What’s “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part I” About?

Mission Impossible

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) & his IMF Team must track down a very dangerous weapon before it falls into the wrong hands!

Mission Impossible Keeps Getting Younger & Better!!!

Poster Funia14 09 00 15 07 2023 minTom Cruise does his very own stunts. He does not age …IN the actual Mission Impossible films. But, my question is how does the films keep getting better and better though as many years go by? The action sequences in the film were fast, super-charged, electric, and just down right sensational! I did love the Opening Scene that led up until the opening titles began to come on. To split this film into two separate parts debuting in 2 separate years really pissed me off because if Harry potter had not started this back in 2017, a diverse amount of films would not have followed suit in doing the same exact thing!

Grace …and her Quest for Fulfillment

Poster Funia14 10 26 15 07 2023 minGrace was a introductory character to the series and she made quite the first impression on me, at least; she could NOT drive a car at all!!! What I mean by that is the way she was a spy, and could fight really well; I would not say exceptionally well. The one ting that she did do exceptionally well was steal. That was her biggest strength and useful talent that she could contribute- stealing and conning people. Does that really work in the “spy business?” She reminded me of the 2015 film, “Focus” with Will Smith & Margot Robbie where Margot’s character was very good at ripping jewelry and taking other people’s belongings right from off of them in broad daylight …but in large crowds. With Grace …she could just do it – no matter what.  What do you think she could add to Ethan Hunt’s team – theft? They can do that without her… is this mission impossible with our with the use of Grace?

The White Widow Returns for More Ethan Hunt…

Poster Funia14 11 01 15 07 2023 minVanessa Kirby makes an excellent choice for a villain in a film just as Lady Gaga plays one fiercely as well. The White Widow really played her part in the most obscure way always pretending not to know certain information or details! She never exposed her hand – always stayed one step ahead of the competition – or Ethan, for that matter. She was a very wise choice to be placed in this sequel for the Mission Impossible film series! I just love her accent and the way that she talks and strolls around as if she is immortal and nothing and no one can ever hurt or destroy her as if she is invincible or something like that. Mission Impossible is immortal …not her! LOL

Trav’s Conclusions on Mission Impossible & Life Lessons

Poster Funia14 10 08 15 07 2023 minIt is very crucial to know that in order to defeat people in the world who behave this way, you MUST not only outmaneuver them mentally, but you MUST also use your pen – writing and keeping records is the most powerful and dangerous weapon there is that you’ve got besides your brain because a thinking man or woman formulating a plan is MORE dangerous than an irrational person NOT thinking and always reacting. You can prepare for a person like that. YOU don’t want to be a person like that.

ALWAYS Remember This…

Poster Funia14 09 32 15 07 2023 minYOU want to be the person that sits back, has patience, thinks, formulates ,and makes strategic moves like Ethan’s team. Correct? Yes, that is correct! Mission Impossible movies teaches one thing – TIME. There is a time for everything and that patience is most definitely a virtue. Luther and Benji were the glue that held Ethan up and those 2 men ARE his backbone to giving him the 41 that he needs to succeed and get his plan into motion…see the connection I made there with my advice from what you’ve read above? Think on it!

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  1. Damn!!!!
    You woke up the whole movie man 🤣👍🏻🤩
    I love it to.. and I think too time is surpassing the limit.. especially with Ethan and his team..😉
    Wait for more of MI soon 🤗💕💕💕💕💕

    1. @Aisha – yes, this was one really INCREDIBLE …I loved the ENTIRE 3-hour film! This was one hell of an action film. To have a two-part film is a great bonus because we have a year to prepare for the Deadest Reckoning that IS to come! How do you feel I woke the movie up? Thanks for commenting! Welcome back!

  2. ❤️. Nice review! I wish I had liked the guest couple Mission Impossibles. I remember the original/s my mom, and dad watched. I think that tainted my feelings years the franchise! LOL

    1. I knew that it was typo – just there are some of your typos that I can decipher – while others …???? I need your assistance with because you know them better than I do! 🙂

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