Tonight With Trav Action “GODZILLA Vs. KONG” – The Gigantic Shakedown

“GODZILLA Vs. KONG” – The Gigantic Shakedown

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Screenshot 20210707 000110 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: Godzilla And Kong. The epic Chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits TWO of the GREATEST icons in motion picture history against one another – the FEARSOME Godzilla and the MIGHTY  King Kong – with humanity caught in the balance. Who are you betting on? Is it even a bet, realistically? They say that ONE will fall – do you believe that? Can one of these two colossal creatures fall and never be seen or heard of ever again? Can that truly be possible?


Godzilla And Kong. I HAVE GOT to say this FIRST and foremost before I even begin to dive into my rating of the movie: I WAS RIGHT ABOUT WHO WON! Who could REALLY win between Godzilla and Kong? Really? Godzilla and Kong? Godzilla and Kong? I have to say it again – the big Godzilla and the bigger Kong? In real life! Those two? Godzilla and Kong!
Godzilla And Kong
Godzilla and Kong! OK. Moving on…both of these titans have saved humanity in their own ways and are very much needed…..if you HAD; absolutely had to choose a side, whose would you choose and why – Kong’s or Godzilla’s? Could you truly answer that question. Watching the connection and bond that Jia and Kong had made my heart melt – I will tell you no lie! 
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Every time I saw Kong in the move interacting with Jia and speaking to her or even when he made little noises, it was adorable to me. His nature is to serve and protect. King Kong was jsut a crucial part of the movie and I was just in awe of him; total awe and you will be as well!
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Now, moving onto Godzilla – this sea creature wavers; it goes in and out; it is neither good or bad. It does not eat humans; it makes not special efforts to protect property of any kind or human life; it will turn against human allies on a whim; and it sustains itself on pure nuclear radiation. 
godzilla vs kong 151929
So, again I ask you – who would you choose out of the two? Whose team would you want to be on? Truly? Who seems more loyal and consistent? Are you going on size- or are you going on heart? In the film, there IS a reason why Godzilla was provoked into attacking the Apex facility. But, there does NOT always have to be a reason Godzilla does the things that it does, though. 
godzilla vs kong 151924
The imagery in the film is astounding. I had an opportunity to see it in IMAX and it was bright and illuminating, I saw it in 3D and it was like being there, and it was AWESOME in deed, and then I saw it TWICE in Dolby which is my ultimate movie watching experience! This was the big blockbuster that everyone was waiting for to see in theaters amidst this horrible pandemic, I feel!
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 There were two scenes in the film that were my favorite; my absolute all time favorite and the first one was when they all entered Hollow Earth with Kong and the second is when Kong gave Maia Simmons (Walter Simmons daughter) what she deserved and the look on Kong’s face when he did it was priceless and I laughed by butt off because she deserved it – and I know you know it as well! 
godzilla vs kong 151930
I also very much appreciated how the film came on where they used white out in the opening sequences to black out vital information about the two cases on how to defeat each titan. I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted to stand up and give a standing ovation just to the opening credits – they were just that phenomenal TO ME!!!
godzilla vs kong 151935
I loved the way that was presented as well. I felt as if I was watching a secretive CIA introduction or some thing. The entire film was so well-put together and I enjoyed each and every single time that I watched the film and I look forward to buying it on 4K!
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“To epic Titans battle and it is EPIC!” #TonightWithTrav

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