Tonight With Trav Horror THE LESSON – Brings Crime … Obsession … and Hidden Aggression!

THE LESSON – Brings Crime … Obsession … and Hidden Aggression!

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What’s “The Lesson” About?

The Lesson

A young author (Daryl McCormack) takes a tutoring position at the estate of a legendary writer (Richard E. Grant). 

Photo20230704 164358 minThere Is A Lesson To Be Learned Here

The lesson is simply this – and it is a lesson that has been around for ages; centuries even. Keep your friends close & your enemies even closer. Another one is blood is thicker than water. In this case, is it really? Family really can turn on you in a second …a split second if you are not careful. This movie really teaches how the people who are in your life whom you trust and treasure the absolute most can be the ones who can turn out that you cannot trust, actually. Those are the life lessons that we all must have to keep in our minds at all times because there are always sneaky individual opportunists just lurking in the shadows waiting….

The LessonWaiting For Prey

….waiting for the precise moment to attack because they have been studying you – your every move, your daily routine, etc. It is really frightening how much you think you can know a person after God knows how long and then you see a totally different side of them in a split second. That is NOT the case with J.M. & Helene and their family dynamic. It was a rather odd family dynamic that they had with their son given that their eldest son died from suicide, which is explained in the film, but the manner in which they raised their last surviving child was uncanny not to mention unorthodox and that is the lesson that I saw that I do not want to ever raise my children in! That’s for damn sure!

Photo20230704 164321 minPaying Attention to Detail

I really thought the film had a good thrilling plot given that the vibe from the trailer had so much crime, seduction, mystery, and suspense, and that is what got me. I have to admit that I am a sucker when it comes to trailers. In some, they show just enough to tease and NOT quite enough to please! That happened here. The tutor, Liam, I predicted one thing would happen with him, but as the film progressed onwards, you can still think what I initially did, but then it gets obviously predictable what will happen with him and another character in the film. The lesson in the film is to always pay attention to detail, because giving great details sells great novels; giving great details is the essence and key to success!

Photo20230704 164307 minTrav’s The Lesson

In closing, I honestly was disappointed in the film – I felt …the ENTIRE time as if I was re-watching the film from last year …maybe you all have heard of it, “The Menu?” Do you all feel that same vibe from that movie with this one – same tone? Same eerie feelings and suspense? Thrilling and the trailers kept big details out and it made you think something gigantic and mind-blowing would happen at the end? I know that I did. I was very disappointed. I will not say that I could not wait until it was over – but I just could not wait until the big climax came, which did come, but it was not the climax that I was looking for. LOL!

8 thoughts on “THE LESSON – Brings Crime … Obsession … and Hidden Aggression!”

  1. Thanks for the review Travis. Will give this one a miss and watch something wlse!

  2. Hmmm. Never heard of this one!!! I’ll have to go watch a transfer! I loved the Menu “feel”. Prospective movie for moi 😁

  3. A movie with a lackluster climax …I’ll just watch The Menu instead, but I do love a good indie! On a scale from 1-5 …Dr. Trav, how quick will I solve it?

  4. I’ll see it after reading your review! But def wait till streaming. Gotta see Barbie and Oppenheimer in theatre, God knows you have to take a small loan out to enjoy a movie lolol!

    1. @Amy – NO rush – there is NO critical or vital lesson to be attained here whatsoever! And yes, moves are rather expensive! Thank God I have my Membership!

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