Tonight With Trav Horror M3GAN – is a Tiny Vindictive Troll Whose Out of Control!

M3GAN – is a Tiny Vindictive Troll Whose Out of Control!

M3GAN – is a Tiny Vindictive Troll Whose Out of Control! post thumbnail image

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What’s “M3GAN” About?


Gemma (Allison Williams), a brilliant roboticist at a toy company, uses artificial intelligence to develop, M3gan (short for Model 3 Generative Android), a life-like doll programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and parent’s greatest ally. After unexpectedly gaining custody of her orphaned niece Katie, (Violet McGraw) Gemma enlists the help of the prototype …a decision that has horrific consequences! M3gan becomes overprotective of Katie and kills everyone and anything that crosses her path! This could be the NEWER version of our dear, delicate, sweet, and deranged, Annabelle…

Now, its …wait for it – M3gan? For real, Y’all?

When I heard of this film’s conception – I must say that I was super thrilled. I was looking forward to this movie from the one single moment that I saw the very first trailer that was revealed. M3gan was a very great thriller! It started off very sweet and mild and ended off very wild and killer! I will admit that if a doll like M3gan truly existed in the world today minus all of the horrible killing that she did – it would be a hell of a buy at toy stores – just think about it for a second: being able to use Bluetooth capabilities and pairing your child to a doll that would be able to get to know your own child, take care of her, play him him/her, etc. It sounds like as Gemma’s friends said in the film like the doll would be taking on the role of a parent/s, but also at the same time, it is a fun and interactive toy for the child.

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M3gan Can Be Your Enemy – or Your Ally

I can see the advantages and disadvantages of it as well. In this day and age, all types of expensive toys and things are being invented so who knows what will arise in the upcoming years and centuries – I just hope that nothing like M3gan is invented when I am around because I will be having flashback to this movie FOR SURE! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT MUCH! Lol! Have you all heard of the movie from 2009 called Orphan? I had some flashbacks from that movie while watching this one actually. There were some brief similarities between Esther and M3gan in the film – the killings!

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NEVER Underestimate A M3gan Prototype!

Whereas Esther was a grown adult posing as a little child and had a fixation on married men and the doll in this film somehow overcame the CPU in her and just took over and became a mad woman! The special effects in the film are killer and the entire film is killer! This is a film that is something brand new, upbeat, new age, and unpredictable! I also could not help thinking about previous doll killers like Bad Boy Chucky and Bad Girl Annabelle! Who do you like more as a kiddy villain? Chucky? Annabelle? or M3gan?


1,2 M3gan’s Coming For You…

When this doll would sing to Cady …I swear to you on every single thing that is in me, it made me laugh hysterically. It was NOT your typical bedtime songs and when you hear what the hell she was singing to her, you will burst into tears of laughter and say to yourself, “what the F” or what in the hell?” I PROMISE you that! All I can remember is all the comments that people were saying when I saw the trailer over and over again for this and only ONE specific comment came to mind and it was this that they were saying in one accord – “where can I get one?” But my ONE question is this – “now, WHO do they want a M3gan for, exactly?” Hmmm….

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6 thoughts on “M3GAN – is a Tiny Vindictive Troll Whose Out of Control!”

  1. From the trailer…this looks thrilling…and fun …and creepy! Thanks for the great review as always!

    1. Josh –
      Thank you…as always for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to read my review. I appreciate it and your support. I know you will love the New and Improved M3gan Prototype!

  2. Oh yay! So glad it’s not a lame movie! I have to see this one – especially interested in the protective mode🤣. When my kids were picked on, and got bullied I’d love to have a “M3gan!” 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Girl – every time the trailer was over before the actual movie came out – people in the theater would say….literally, “where can I get one?” So, you ARE NOT ALONE!!

    2. Ha! Man, when kids were little and they got picked on!! Watch out .. “Mama’s dropping M3GAN off at school”

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