Tonight With Trav Comedy COCAINE BEAR – is High on The Big C

COCAINE BEAR – is High on The Big C

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What’s “Cocaine Bear” About?

An oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens converge in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound black bear goes on a murderous rampage after unintentionally ingesting cocaine. ***THIS FILM IS BASED ON TRUE & FACTUAL EVENTS***

Cocaine Bear

A Cocaine Bear?

 I have to admit that I was wildly intrigued and fascinated by this movie when I first saw the preview for it! I mean …seriously? How in the hell – and would I not be? A 300-pound black bear in the forest getting high on packs and packs of cocaine and going on a killing rampage? You would think that this is a FAKE storyline that someone just developed up out of thin air with a brilliant imagination or something because they are running out of ideas in Hollywood with great scripts to come up with, but low and behold …who or what comes along – a bear …a big, black Cocaine Bear! Oh, My Goodness! I was telling everyone that I could possibly think of about this movie to see if they would call me liar like I knew that they would because if someone had approached me and told me about the storyline for a movie like this and told me that it was a TRUE STORY!

Cocaine Bear


Based on TRUE EVENTS and this is not even just a regular movie! I really cannot believe what I am about to say but I was a little bit disappointed in the film because I don’t know what I was expecting – but what I do know is that I was expecting what I saw – which was a comedy film about a Cocaine Bear. I don’t know – films that are based on true events typically are not comical and have some sort of meaning and purpose to them; are symbolic in some way.

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Cocaine Bear Was For Enjoyment Mostly

I guess that is what I was expecting when I saw the advertisements to this. I mean, from the trailers for the film – I knew that comedy was going to be involved …but I was not expecting it to be the entire film, I thought it was going to be to a certain extent, you know? Cocaine Bear MOST DEFINITELY is an enjoyable film and I hate using that word to describe films that are based on true events, but when a film is good and enjoyable …are there really any other words to describe it? Really? Watching people see how the bear is behaving and not even having a single clue as to why was hysterical to me.

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Sadly, the Black Bear DID OD on Cocaine – But Mauled NO Human Beings!

I mean watching a bear of this size and caliber dry humping a tree; chasing after an ambulance; and actually, eating and ripping people a part because the bear actually sniffed the cocaine on them because it fell from the sky all over the place in the forest, so it was literally everywhere beyond – UNBELIEVEABLE! I mean the kills that this black bear did was on-screen and right in front of your face and the really sad thing about it was that it did not look realistic.

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Director Elizabeth Banks Always Gives Us Comedy …with A Bang!!!

Yup, it looked staged, and it happened so fast that you could not really enjoy seeing the massive and brutal killings (for those who love gory and bloody type of films). Another aspect of films based on true events is that the script is often fabricated – so I looked online about this actual story, and do you know that the ONLY thing that is TRUE and FACTUAL is that the bear actually did 75lbs. of cocaine, but died within 10 minutes of ingesting it, and NEVER brutally killed any living human being.

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Cocaine Bear IS Worth The Watch!

All of the killings and trying to survive from the bear in this film was all for our enjoyment pleasures! Thanks Elizabeth Banks! Lol! This film was dedicated to our Ray Liotta! He will be highly missed, and he was not seen much in the film, and that sucked bigtime because if this was Actor Ray Liotta’s final acting appearance, he should have had more camera time in the film. At least.

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Trav’s TRUE Remarks Below:

As for the bear – and the bear, it was stuffed in 2015, and has been on display at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall and has been a major attraction for all and the co-owner as you can see in the photo below has been getting a lot of visitors since the release of this film so thank you Director Elizabeth Banks for a wonderful and just …another masterpiece of yours!

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4 thoughts on “COCAINE BEAR – is High on The Big C”

  1. I REALLY wanna see this one! Friends have seen and loved it. I love Elizabeth Banks, too! Just about anything she’s involved in!

  2. I agree man! This was a very interesting movie to say the least. I’ll tell you what though after trying to look up the true events my feeling was just like yours – very surprised and shocked when there was literally only just the one thing true about the real life events. I had a feeling there’s no way that a bear would go on a massive killing streak because like you said the event and the true story was just kind of boring! LOL!! So, bravo to Elizabeth Banks, and her creativity. I’ll also agree I could not believe and never would have expected comedy to be throughout the entire film from start to finish!

    1. You can ALWAYS count on comedy and Elizabeth Banks not to be too too too far behind! Making films based in true events is kind of tricky because people seem to fabricate some of the details – even in Biographical films. If you aee going to make a film about someone’s life or true events – do it 100 or don’t do it at all – don’t add in things that are not factual and then plaster in the trailer, “BASED ON TRUE EVENTS.” Re-word it or say that in another way because it just was not true and I believe that a massive black bear COULD go on a killing streak – IF provoked.

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